Be Quiet – Volume Control app allows the users to set different phone volume profiles, in one go

Be Quiet Volume Control app is a simple yet highly useful app that enables the users to control their phone volume for different time and locations. It saves the hassle of changing volume levels in different settings like in a meeting when the phone has to be kept in silent or while outdoors when the phone volume needs to be at a maximum. With this app, the user can simply set volume levels for the defined settings and don’t need to change it every time they get into a different scenario. It is a dedicated volume management app that allows the users to set their phone volume according to set time, location and even against the selected Wi-Fi Network.

Be Quiet app lets the user control volumes of their alarm, ringtone, incoming calls, music, system sound for notification, all at once. The user can impose sound control during a specific time and day as well. For instance, the user can lower the volume at night and keep it high during office hours or while traveling by bus. The app also allows them to set the volume for specific hours every day like for the gym. There is also the safety of parental control protection in the app, which ensures that no one is able to uninstall the application without the user’s permission.

Some of the major features of the app are listed below:

  • Simple and user-friendly interface, suitable for all age groups
  • Allows the users to set three types of volume profiles based on time, location and selected Wi-Fi network
  • Phone volume changes as per the present time span
  • Option to mute selected contacts
  • Impose volume control on specific days of the week, such as working days and weekends
  • Set ‘do not disturb’ scheduler to maintain privacy over the phone. This feature will stop all annoying notification sounds
  • Mark important contacts in the whitelist, to never miss a call or message

Be Quiet app has received great reviews by the customers, within a short period of its launch. The app can be downloaded from Google PlayStore.

More information about the app can be found on their official website.

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