Ideal Siding Toronto Vows to Repair Houses in the Toughest Winters

Toronto, CA – Homeowners in Toronto have to deal with tough winters and the effect heavy snow and sleet has on their properties. Rot and cracks in the structure of homes can be worsened immensely in the relentless cold weather. These conditions are especially an issue when cracks and holes in the siding cause heat to escape from the home, racking up a fortune in electric and heating bills. 

Most home repairers are either not willing and able to do any repairs during the rough winters in Toronto because of the unworkable winter weather. However, Ideal Siding vows to repair homes and sidings in even the worst conditions that the Canadian winter has to offer. With problems as dangerous as mold and rot in the sidings of homes, Ideal Siding believes it’s not reasonable to wait for sunny days. 

Ideal Siding Toronto chooses to make themselves available for their customers all year round. Customers don’t have to wait out bad weather and lose heat all season. Instead, Ideal Siding will dispatch a team member to analyze the damage, and consult with the client about an affordable price and reasonable completion date. 

Following the consultation, company founder, AlexHaus, guides the company through the process of replacing the siding from demolition to installment for each individual property. Clients are offered several choices for siding materials. 

They offer three common materials for sidings: Vinyl, James Hardie Siding (Fiber Cement), and Cedar siding. All these types have their own advantages and disadvantages in both style and practicality.

Vinyl is the fastest siding to install, unlike the Cedar Siding, which will need painting and a longer installation time. The most popular is James Hardie Siding, which is in style but is also more expensive. During their home evaluation, the team at helps customers pick out the material that will be best suited for the property. 

With Ideal Siding Toronto, there is no need to wait out the bad weather with continuous loss of heat. Their 24/7 available team proudly offers a complete inspection and consultation to prevent Toronto locals from freezing in the worst weather and racking up seasonal expenses. 

Ideal Siding Toronto’s consultations are completely free. Those interested in a free consultation with the company can contact Ideal Siding by phone, email, or through their website.

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