God Meets the World – a Divinity with Modernity based book by Batya Shemesh

Israel – March 19, 2019 – In “God Meets the World” Batya Shemesh recalls the event of God presenting Himself to millions of Israelites at Mt. Sinai.  Essentially, the invisible and incorporeal Creator of all existence communicated to masses of inhabitants living in the physical world. The book delves into the events recorded in the Bible that inspired God to inscribe ten divine points of how to live in society and relate to The Maker of the world. Today we know these words of the Almighty written on stone by Moses as the Ten Commandments. They comprise the most crucial guidance bestowed on humanity to advance the building of a just society.

The scripturally based ideas fleshed out in “God Meets the World” are authentic and open doors to original and contemporary thinking. It is indeed a self-help book.  By reading and understanding the author’s insights, readers may better understand God’s outlook on life, fortify their faith, and develop improved decision making.

Every commandment has many different facets. For example, in the Chapter “Do not Kill,” Shemesh discusses murder, manslaughter, abortion and suicide in biblical times and in modern day civilization.

“God Meets the World” is suitable for people interested in the Bible, religion, sociology, philosophy and spirituality. This work also delivers knowledge to those interested in the origin of justice as well as current day resolutions of legal difficulties in today’s world.  Easy reading for teenagers, interesting enough for young adults, and thought provoking for scholars, “God Meets the World” provides a novel and fresh outlook on the most common topics in today’s fast paced society.

When asked for the motivation behind the writing of “God Meets the World,” Batya Shemesh says, “When I was in sixth grade my teacher told us that the Ten Commandments is a summary of the Torah and that every law in the Torah is connected to one of the commandments. At the time I told myself that one day I would go over the whole Torah and find how each law connects. In this book, I did exactly that.”

Batya Shemesh brings evidence from the Bible that the Ten Commandments were intended to be offered to the entire world. The book explains the importance of integrating the Ten Commandments into every nationality. The elements in this volume are not exclusively Jewish; they are universally humanistic.

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About the author

Batya Shemesh was born to a Jewish family in New York and moved to Israel when she was sixteen years old. She graduated from a teachers’ seminary in Jerusalem and went on to study biology and herbal medicine. She has helped thousands of patients physically and emotionally for three decades, and her faith in God is unwavering. Batya is happily married and has four children.

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