E Cig Reviews Creates New Top 15 Best Buy Table To Help Users Find Best E Cig Products Fast

ECig-Reviews.net regularly reviews electronic cigarette products and has created a best buy table to show the top fifteen best rated e-cigarette products.

Electronic cigarettes have gone from an alternative method of helping people quit smoking to a genuine rival to traditional combustible cigarettes. Those manufacturing the products realized that this kind of portable vaping actually provided a superior solution to cigarettes, allowing people to once again smoke inside, on public transport and even in bars. The unfortunate thing is that the marketing has led to a lot of hype around products whose quality is questionable. E Cig Reviews (http://ecig-reviews.net/) regularly reviews new e-cigarette products, and has made it easier than ever for users to identify the top products by ranking the best products on their homepage.

Their rankings feature fifteen of the best brands ranked in order of their quality rating by the site. The countdown includes the name of the product, its star rating, and a direct link to the E Cig Reviews review, allowing users to find out more detailed information. 

By creating this format they are allowing people to see at a glance what the top products are they can then narrow their browsing to perhaps two or three of the best rated items like EverSmoke, V2 and Greensmoke before deciding which is right for them, saving time and effort. 

A spokesperson for ECig-Reviews.net explained, “We understand that most people want the best product they can get, but what defines a product as the best can vary according to the individual. Some people want a premium experience and will pay top dollar, while others want maximum functionality for the best price. That’s why we make all our reviews available to view. However, the best buy table now allows us to recommend items, so individuals need only read up on two or three instead of ten or fifteen before choosing the right item for their needs. We hope this will make the user experience the best it can be.”

About E Cig Reviews:

E Cig Reviews Ecig- was created by 2 electronic cigarette enthusiasts in order to provide invaluable, impartial and insightful consumer advice on electronic cigarette products. The site constantly publishes new reviews as products are exhaustively tested and rated for their usefulness, value and other key factors.

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