AI Vision + Holographic Finance of WIMI AR Hologram Provides 87-Algorithm Mosaicing

Under the background of deleveraging, various types of business in the financial sector, such as banking, insurance, and asset management, are to be adjusted appropriately. In the field of Internet finance, the intensive withdrawal of P2P platforms has also allowed the whole industry to be so gun-shy. However, both the traditional financial sector and new finance field are placing financial technology at a very important strategic level now. Artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, AR Hologram, biometric recognition, and the emerging blockchains are upgrading the financial efficiency.

When it comes to financial technology, people tend to associate it with new finance. This concept was first proposed by Internet companies and new finance industry. Besides, they also determined financial technology as the direction of strategic transformation. Obviously, banks dare not to neglect the financial technology. As a matter of fact, in addition to Internet financial companies, banks have attached unprecedented importance to financial technology. In this wave of financial technology, the banks are also making great efforts for their layout. Especially for large and medium-sized banks, they have put considerable investment in financial technology no less than what they have invested in the new finance.

Most of banks have already undergone a transformation of new science & technology finance. From then on, personal business has been able to be handled by machines, and in case of complex business, video systems can also be used for bank tellers to provide remote consultation services. Unmanned application relies on a collection of technologies such as biometric recognition, speech recognition, data mining, robotics, VR, AR, and holographic projection. Nowadays, bank systems are engaged in big data, cloud computing, AI, blockchain, biometric recognition, liveness detection and other finance-related technologies, as well as the underlying trading system of banks and IT construction supporting business. As regards specific technical layout, there are no significant differences between banks and Internet-based financial technology companies.

A bank is mainly responsible for its own financial business, also engaged in winning the customers, risk control, optimizing user experience and reducing operating costs. Financial technology companies may choose to weaken their own financial business, but as a licensed institution, banks are required to develop financial technology to strengthen their financial business. In the future, it can be expected that financial technology companies will supply technologies and services to banks, and banks will devote themselves to financial technology while purchasing financial technology services from outside. Therefore, the current large, medium and small banks have generally established strategic partnerships with financial technology companies.

The technologies represented by face recognition have long been the favorite of the financial industry. However, as time goes, the scene applications of financial market have become more diversified and complicated. The simple financial outlets can no longer meet the needs of customers. Providing on-demand financial services anytime and anywhere can make the banks stand out. In the financial sector, WIMI AR Hologram has launched new application solutions, high-simulation AI vision, and holographic AI algorithm mosaic integrated into the financial field, and further banks keep providing financial services from multiple aspects.

The application of new technologies such as mobile Internet and face recognition integrates financial services naturally into the user’s economic ecosystem and life circle. The new AI face recognition of WIMI AR Hologram can effectively solve the problem of anti-counterfeiting measure of photos and videos. Face recognition technology of WIMI AR Hologram continuously upgrades the algorithm, for the pursuit of higher false rejection rate, stable false positive rate and higher security on the premise of ensuring higher recognition rate. It is believed that with the increasing maturity of technologies which are used to improve the security and accuracy of face recognition, face recognition will play a greater role in the financial industry.

In addition, AI vision application scenarios of WIMI AR Hologram are very extensive, including counter services, self-help, remote concentration and external exhibition. As the continuous growth of proportion of online financial business in the future, the demand for interactive scenario videos will be further expanded. The financial scenario solutions represented by AI visual recognition are a good entry point. Through a series of solutions such as AI visual recognition system, the scenes can cause a large number of labeled operational data, and then the data can be used to develop artificial intelligence image technology, in turn optimize the solutions and to form a closed circle of scene technology. In particular, expression and micro-expression recognition technologies will be applied to solutions for anti-fraud scenes and marketing.

Since the launch of the WIMI AR Hologram online advertising, it has been upgraded through technology export. WIMI AR Hologram Internet advertising coverage has become more and more extensive, including health care, auto, finance, real estate, catering, games, house decoration and fast-moving consumer goods. The deep integration of finance with technology is accelerating. In different application scenarios, the biometric recognition technology required is not the same. Monotonous biometric identification fails to meet the diversified needs in the future, and multi-modal biometric identification of WIMI AR Hologram will become the future trend of financial technology.

The holography industry is a typical high-tech service industry, and every technological innovation and technological advancement will continue to promote the development of the industry. For WIMI AR Hologram, continuous development of computer equipment, improvement of intelligence, networking and digitization, upgrading of system software and hardware, innovation of database technology and middleware technology, and emergence of new development platform and design ideas are constantly improving the service and technical level of WIMI AR Hologram to some extent. Moreover, the improvement of technology has promoted the continuous upgrading of services in the AR holographic industry. The ever-changing AR holographic presentation forms also enrich the expressions of holographic visual communication and better meet the individual needs of customers. In addition, in recent years, with the rapid expansion of broadband and gradual commercial popularization of 5G networks, communication of digital content is accelerating, and various applications of various high-quality holographic content on the mobile phones will be more extensive and meanwhile, high-quality content can also effectively improve customers’ experience.

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