BiaCon Launching a New Powerful Device Antro, Combines worldwide 4G LTE-A Hotspot and Antenna Technology to Connect Mobile Network From a Great Distance

BiaCon Launching a New Powerful Device Antro, Combines worldwide 4G LTE-A Hotspot and Antenna Technology to Connect Mobile Network From a Great Distance

We are developing military radios and communication systems with military grade specifications and certifications.
BiaCon Antro Delivers Connectivity worldwide with e-SIM technology, offering fast and secure WiFi
BiaCon The global Network provider making solutions for everyone to stay connected around the world. The know-how from the military communication products and services will soon be available for everyone. With BiaCon’s MIL-STD standardized products which shows the reliability and quality of this Finnish technology. BiaCon is announcing the launch of Antro, the 3G/ 4G/ LTE-A antenna router with WiFi supporting MIMO technology and specifications in the 802.11 families for Marine and Vehicle industries. BiaCon Antro is the newest and most powerful worldwide connectivity router. It is packed with antenna technology from NOKIA’s former antenna Research and Development center, offering super-fast LTE speeds in over +100 countries. No more slow and expensive satellite internet connections, Antro’s powerful antennas can still reach link tower when your phone is out of service.

In a digital connected world, whether using social media, going through your emails or making that important call, we still find places without good network service.

“It’s no secret, everything we do nowadays, involves us to be connected and to be reached, no matter what. Whether it’s for business or leisure we need to be online. With our innovative solutions, we can offer just that,” says the BiaCon’s CEO Sammy Pfaler.

BiaCon’s new product Antro combines their innovative e-sim router and BiaCon’s antenna technology made in Nokia’s Antenna research and development center in Salo, Finland with 30 years of experience in mobile phone antennas. With this solution the router antenna’s signal loss is 0%, providing the best possible connection to the network even from a distance.

“Our innovation in Antro and our e-SIM technology will provide you mobile network connection even in the places you thought it wouldn’t be possible.”

The BiaCon Antro came to life after developing Finnish defense forces communication systems. Utilizing the best of BiaCon’s global network, BiaCon Antro was created, designed and produced in Finland. This high-quality product features key enhancements including:

  • Fast 4G LTE-A internet speeds with BiaCon’s e-SIM network’s
  • BiaCon Antenna technology made in former Nokia’s R&D center
  • MIL-STD461 standards product
  • Tested in heavy conditions by Finnish defense forces from -22 to 158 Fº
  • IP68 model for marine and vehicle industry 

BiaCon Antro seamlessly connects users with mobile WiFi or LAN through its global mobile network powered by BiaCon e-SIM technology. With instant access to secure and safe data in 100+ countries, BiaCon Antro offers the convenience of going from one country to another without a local SIM.

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