Self Driving Car Market has an opportunity of USD 300 Billion by the year 2030

Self Driving Car Market has an opportunity of USD 300 Billion by the year 2030

“Global Self Driving Car Market is projected to cross US$ 300 Billion mark by the end of the year 2030.”
Renub Research report titled “Self Driving Car Market Global Forecast by Levels (L3, L4, L5) Hardware (LIDAR, Radar, Cameras, Actuators, Embedded Modem, Embedded Controls, Passive Components, Other Electronics & Architecture, Sensors (Odometry, Ultrasonic), V2X, Mapping, HMI) Software (V2X, Embedded Controls, Mapping, Data Security, HMI) Regions (America, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia Pacific), Companies (Google, Apple, Mercedes–Benz)” provides a comprehensive insight of market.

The self-driving car, also known by the name of the driverless car or an autonomous car, is a vehicle which comprises of a combination of sensors, radars, cameras and artificial intelligence (AI), to travel from one place to another without the requirement of human effort. To meet the need of a fully autonomous vehicle, these vehicles must be capable of navigating themselves without any human interventions to its predetermined destinations. Global Self Driving Car Market is projected to cross US$ 300 Billion mark by the end of the year 2030.

Self-driving or autonomous cars have irked human interest for many years. For the first time, the concept of the autonomous or self-driving car was introduced to the people at the New York’s World Fair by the General Motors (GM) Futurama exhibit as a part of its vision of the future. While in the late 1960s, a self-driving car was developed as a potential moon rover for the Apollo astronauts. But, with growing technological advancements in various fields such as in global positioning system (GPS), computing power, digital mapping, and sensor systems, the world of autonomous cars is finally becoming a reality. Efforts made by United States military research arm (DARPA) along with several private enterprises including players from automobile industry and technology providers, the self-driving car project have accelerated the development of practical self-driving cars which are safe and efficient in the modern transportation systems.


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Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered self-driving cars will make remarkable progress in the automobile industry as the governments are now jumping in with legislation governing the use of self-driving cars. The developers of autonomous cars use massive amounts of data from image recognition systems to building systems which include machine learning and neural network and can drive vehicle autonomously. In addition; advanced control systems help construe sensory information to identify proper navigation routes as well as obstacles, signs, and signals collectively. These technologies help to detect changes on the road through radars, lidars, odometry, computer vision, and GPS; including basic safeguards and industry accountability. Automakers and technology vendors such as Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, Google, BMW, Ford, Cisco, Apple, and Audi are investing in all such possibilities that help succeed in the era of autonomous vehicles.


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The increasing acceptance of self-driving or driverless cars by various governments is among the major growth driver that is expected to drive the growth of industrial applications of autonomous vehicles in the years to come. Further; increase in the number of road accidents, rising consumer demand for automation, advancement in technology and the rise of the mobility as a service (MaaS) also help Self Driving Cars Market to touch new glory over the coming years.

Though the self-driving or autonomous or driverless car market is anticipated to grow positively globally, uneasiness regarding the security and privacy risk and lack of appropriate infrastructure that is required to support self-driving cars may pose some challenges for automobile industry players. The autonomous vehicles need to connect to a wide range of networks which can make it vulnerable to security and privacy threats.



Market Summary

Levels of Self Driving Cars, This reports provides the market and number of L3, L4, and L5 types of autonomous cars in America, Europe Middle East & Africa and Asia Pacific.

Region-wise, United States accounts for the highest market. Other regions covered in the report are Europe Middle East & Africa and Asia Pacific.

Hardware components, the report captures the market of LIDAR, Camera, Embedded Modem, Passive Components, Odometry Sensors, V2X Hardware, Radar, Actuators, Embedded Controls Hardware, Other Electronics & Architecture, Ultrasonic Sensors, Mapping Hardware and HMI Hardware.

Software Components, market studied in the report are as follows: Embedded Controls Software, Data Security Software, Mapping Software, V2X Software and HMI Software.


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Key Topics Covered :

1. Introduction

     1.1 Market Definition
     1.2 Currency Conversion

2. Research Methodology

3. Executive Summary

4. Global Self Driving Car Market

5. Market – Self Driving Car

     5.1 Semi-Autonomous Driving
     5.2 Self Driving Car

6. Numbers – Global Self Driving Car

     6.1 Semi-Autonomous Driving
     6.2 Self Driving Car

7. Market Share – Self Driving Car Autonomous Car Share Analysis

     7.1 Hardware vs. Software – Self Driving Car
     7.2 By Level of Driving (L3, L4 & L5)
     7.3 By Region
     7.4 By Technology – Hardware Components
     7.5 By Technology – Software Components

8. Region – Autonomous Car Market

     8.1 America
     8.2 Europe, the Middle East and Africa
     8.3 Asia Pacific (APAC)

9. Region – Self Driving Car Volume

     9.1 America
     9.2 Europe, the Middle East and Africa
     9.3 Asia Pacific (APAC)

10. Technology – Self Driving Car Market

      10.1 By Hardware Components
      10.2 By Software Components

11. Hardware Components – Self Driving Car Market

      11.1 LIDAR
      11.2 Radar
      11.3 Camera
      11.4 Actuators
      11.5 Embedded Modem
      11.6 Embedded Controls Hardware
      11.7 Passive Components
      11.8 Other Electronics & Architecture
      11.9 Odometry Sensors
      11.10 Ultrasonic Sensors
      11.11 V2X Hardware
      11.12 Mapping Hardware
      11.13 HMI Hardware

12. Software Components – Self Driving Car Technology Market

      12.1 V2X Software
      12.2 Embedded Controls Software
      12.3 Mapping Software
      12.4 Data Security Software
      12.5 HMI Software

13. Companies Analysis – Self Driving Car Market

      13.1 Google
      13.2 Apple
      13.3 Mercedes–Benz

14. Driving Factors

      14.1 Safety
      14.2 Congestion and Traffic Operations
      14.3 Travel – Behavior Impacts
      14.4 Potential Automatic Vehicles (AVs) Impacts

15. Challenges

      15.1 Vehicle Cost and Technology Hurdles
      15.2 Automatic Vehicles Licensing and Standards
      15.3 Litigation, Liability and Perception
      15.4 Security
      15.5 Privacy
      15.6 Missing Research


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