Public Chain PlusFo – A Great Project is Known in Crypto Industry’s Rock Bottom

Public Chain PlusFo - A Great Project is Known in Crypto Industry’s Rock Bottom

The Crypto Industry’s 2018 began in madness but ended in desolation. Everyone in this industry, no matter old traders, new traders, industry bigwigs or institutional investors, all had a really hard time. 2019 is the Crypto Industry’s dip containing countless and biggest opportunity. How to grasp the cyclical asset opportunities in the bear market becomes an important issue we have to face and think about. The big boys in this industry have long advised investors pay more attention to the market trend instead of trying to making money or retrieving losses in the bear market. It is hard to profit from a downtrend, and even if you do, it’s only a small gain. The better investment strategy is focusing on the OTC and striving to make more money in OTC, thus we are well prepared as possible to face the big chance in the future.

That’s when we need to change our mind to look at what we have in this bad time.

Chinese regulators favor blockchain but are against cryptocurrencies. If the regulatory framework is more relaxed,the giants start to flood into the crypto circle, resulting in dwindling  living space of ordinary blockchain entrepreneurial projects. It is likely that the year 2019 is the last opportunity we’ve got.

2018 is the tenth anniversary of the first generation public chain, also known as “The First era of Public Chain”. As the markets roil and uncertainty hangs over the crypto world, projects faced a massive shakeout with a few public chain teams with strong technology skills and stable cash flow winning. 


The PlusFo super chain team is one of them.

The founding team of PlusFo is an international team. PlusFo is a new generation of super public chain created by elite Wall Street investment Banks, founders of cryptocurrency trading platform, joint blockchain technology pioneer teams and well-known figures in the fields of finance and technology. Its core members are from product technology departments of well-known  enterprise and organization like NASA, Microsoft, Google, Goldman sachs etc.The core founding team of PlusFo has a significant background in international finance, most of which come from BNP paribas, UBS, ICE and Accenture blockchain project teams, with a total of more than 60 years’ experience in Wall Street finance.Top financial experience, top research and development technology, top industry understanding are here to ensure the safe and sound operation of PlusFo system.

Under the operational management of Stanford’s well-known team,PlusFo has made many innovations in blockchain technology. Combining the latest encryption technology, PlusFo launched a unique PUF mining system. PUF can mining for FOT, a new platform cryptocurrency with great potential and negotiability, in pools. FOT also can be converted into BTC, ETH, EOS, USDT and other mainstream cryptocurrencies. According to experts, FOT has a better prospect and its value may jump nearly 1000 times.

In the PUF mining model, the more PUF you have, the more FOT you got. Take 10000 PUF as an example, you can get 167.41 FOT (roughly 33.482 CNY) Everyday! If you have 30000 PUF, your daily earnings are 440.81 FOT (nearly 88.16 CNY).

You can get FOT from the PUF you have everyday. Its monthly return is as high as 34% and its annual yield reaches as high as 1,400%.

If you are PlusFo’s VIP, you can get additional returns up to 11%.

In the PlusFo system, all kinds of mainstream currencies can be qualitatively traded with one key simple click (currently supporting the quantification of mainstream currencies: USDT, BTC, EOS, ETH). For example, If you quantify 50BTC, the daily interest rate can reach 3.61% and the annual yield can hit as high as 1318.19%! The more assets you quantify, the more returns you get.

Many investors hold lots of cryptocurrencies in the market downturn. How to make them play their due role has become a thorny key issue. PlusFo’s quantitative model offers a new choice for traders who want to make use of the cryptocurrencies they have. Users can quantify BTC, ETH, EOS, USDT for high returns. Beyond that, PlusFo superchain launched a price match guarantee mechanism. During the quantitative period, PlusFo official will cover all the losses while the users will get all the earnings if any.

Invite your friends to sign up for PlusFo, both sides can get 20 PUF. If your friends buy PUF with mainstream cryptocurrencies, you can earn some money back on their purchases (15% for the first generation; 5% for the second generation and 1% for the third generation).

The longer your friends do quantitative trade, you, as the inviter, will earn more. The more friends you invited, the more money you earn.


In addition, blockchain games are a major innovation of PlusFo’s super chain mode. PlusFo has actively introduced abundant blockchain games. All data are recorded on PlusFo Blockchain, traceable and cannot be modified. PlusFo even discloses all kinds of game data for the players to create a perfect fair, fair, safe and transparent platform.

Mining, quantitative trading and game are applications running on the PlusFo public chain. With the continuous update of technology, PlusFo super chain will have various kinds of applications in its ecology.

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