March 20, 2019 – The United States is now driving its unemployment rate to its lowest in nearly two decades, which clearly indicates a better economy.  However, the labor market is still failing millions of workers that lack the proper skills nationwide.  Immigrants play a major role in the labor markets worldwide and economies around the world rely on their immigrants for growth in the job market. However, the immigration cases in the US are entirely different and the lawyers are not doing much about this serious issue either.

In addition, the number of immigrant workers has increased by 1.7 million, nearly offsetting the decline in the U.S.-born prime working age. Moreover, the number of employers that are basically immigrants has also increased. This means that the immigrants are not only employers but also employees, and they are frequently contributing in the overall growth of the American economy. From workplace accidents to other flaws in the legal system of the immigration policies, some major changes need to be made immediately in order to protect the US manufacturing workers and industry.

“I have proposed that we could make employment-based visas responsive to labor market conditions in the U.S.  This is because when there are shortages of workers, there would be more visas, and when there are not there would be fewer visas,” said Ray Marshall, the former Labor Secretary, while talking about the problem. “We are proud of our resilient American manufacturing industry, despite these unpleasant conditions of the US Manufacturing Workers.”  The United States is still a great manufacturer and the world’s second-largest manufacturer. However, the immigration policy laws pose a serious threat to the revitalization of the American manufacturing industry.

The need for trade laborers and qualified trades such as IT services technicians, construction workers, and engineers can certainly be fulfilled with proper training and education.  But without an inlfux of immigration, the cost of construction, for example, is expected to rise. A Large general contractor based in Los Angeles says “There is an obvious shortage of skill laborers and it is making our jobs more diffiult and costly, which pushes us to increase our prices. As an example, in 2017, there was a 17% premium on a simple standby generator installation. There are plenty more examples on roof replacement or new construction, but in all these trades, there is a need for skilled laborers.  We hope out politicians can help solve that problem.”

Both political parties in the United States are ramping up for the next presidental campaign, and both parties are marketing and using all media channels to promote their immigration plan.  Now, it remains to be seen which immigration reform policy will be adopted in the hope to continue this enconomic growth with balanced inflation.

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