Crypto Project VeriSafe Launches A New User-Friendly Hub: The VeriSafe Platform

The VeriSafe platform/app has been and will continue to be a fun and exciting developmental adventure. As the team reacts to the ever-changing atmosphere surrounding blockchain tech and the crypto industry, our ideas of the platform will continue to evolve. Our Lead Developer is a progressive thinker, and proactive creator, who has continued to show his passion through his work. We feel it is time to showcase Joao’s work, and release a Beta version of the platform for the crypto community to interact with, and provide their feedback, as we know that the most valuable tool we have is the community that will support us along our journey. In this article, we will provide a breakdown of what we have been up to lately, and where the platform stands thus far.

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The VeriSafe platform/app is composed of the following main sections highlighted below, along with their present state of progress according to our currently planned features.

Public Display: 60% completion rate:

This is where visitors will land, before signing in using their login credentials. Fully open to the public will be a display and bio of all of our approved projects, where they can be tracked, synonymously to CoinGecko or CMC. Also available to the public will be a ‘For Hire’’ page, where users will be able to host a profile complete with skills, past experiences, references, and positions they would like to obtain in a team or as a freelancer. Concurrent to the For Hire page, will be another section where a team or individual can list tasks they need completed, or positions they need filled, where one could apply. Also available to the public will be the VeriSafe Approval form, where one can open and apply, or send to a project of their choice to be filled out.

Registered User Display: 30% completion rate:

When logged in, a registered user will have their own dashboard, which will provide them with all of their notifications, wallets, active token/coin balances on or imported to the platform, all current news updates of a project they hold connected to the platform, and a fiat value of those balances. They will also be able to build and edit a profile with the option of becoming available for hire, complete with all social media links. A registered user will also be able to list tasks they help with, or a position on a team they need filled. Also available to a registered user will be a token/contract generator. Here a user will be able to build their own token, or ask for assistance in doing so from the VeriSafe team. **Please note that in order to create a token on the VeriSafe Platform, a user will have to be verified through our KYC process.** This is not negotiable, and all information collected through the KYC is held private, unless requested otherwise by user, or until they lose the privilege of privacy.

Admin Display: 20% completion rate:

This is less important for our user base, and more for the VeriSafe team. This is where we will manage and handle all of our tasks related to all projects, specialists, and registered users hosted on the platform.


This, of course, is where all of the magic happens. Features of the platform are built, tested, and finalized here before being deployed on the platform.

All completion rates are subject to change, and may potentially stay liquid for the entirety of our existence. All features mentioned in this article are either available now, or will be shortly. Those not yet functional are viewable as read-only, or built with slight interactability within the platform. Behind the scenes, new features are constantly being conceptualized, and developed, so we may never restrict ourselves by announcing any one section as 100% complete.

Most recent added features:

• Adding night mode as default view

• Improved wallet display

• Improved token template display

• Improved user Dashboard

• Mockup pages of soon to be functional features

• Improved V.A.P. coin tracking and For Hire display

Next Planned features:

• Hydrogen 2FA Integration

• KYC Verification

• Fully functional wallet for Ethereum & ERC20 tokens

Long term Features:

• Fully functional wallet for TRON and TRON templated tokens

• Swap technology integration

• Exchange integration (using 0x protocol)

The development of this platform/app is extensive. As mentioned, new features are being worked on consistently, some of which we will not publicize until closer to integration. Please understand that delays sometimes occur throughout building. Features are tested, improved, and tested again to ensure a quality product/service is delivered when ready.

Taking advantage of Blockchain features applicable to the platform, we are adding test contracts to support the Human Resource verification, to ensure all transactions are initiated from the correct address or team wallet (dev, marketing, legal) and received by the correct address or job title holder. (i.e. Development Wallet to Developer).

To Access the Platform visit

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