The World’s First Blockchain And AI Platform to Access Affordable, Digital Healthcare Globally

The World’s First Blockchain And AI Platform to Access Affordable, Digital Healthcare Globally
Pharmeum is the world’s first Blockchain solution to transfer digital prescriptions and medical data, which can be used to purchase medicine

Pharmeum is using the latest private Blockchain technology with Artificial Intelligence, to revolutionize the healthcare industry around the patient, and build the healthcare of tomorrow.  

Pharmeum is an award-winning, internationally recognized project, with a working product adopted and existing market traction.

The innovative Blockchain medical platform will improve medicine affordability, minimize errors, and create frictionless, quality care for patients.

Pharmeum was chosen as a finalist for innovator of the year by Health Investor awards 2019 – a first for a Blockchain project to accomplish.

Pharmeum is the world’s first Blockchain and AI solution to the Healthcare and Pharmacy industry – placing an $872 Billion-dollar industry on the Blockchain.

The purpose of Pharmeum is to enable affordable access to Healthcare globally, all simply through a smartphone.

Pharmeum was chosen as a regional finalist in Dubai’s World Blockchain Summit, and also awarded a credibility badge by Crypto Potential.

How it works

Pharmeum utilizes private Blockchain technology to build a state-of-the-art, transparent Healthcare eco-system. Blockchain and Smart Contracts are used to allow for Medical Data and Prescriptions to be transferred from Doctors, Patients, Pharmacies, and Insurance Companies seamlessly. This trustless technology architecture allows for true patient-centricity, and borderless access to Medication. Once fully adopted, Pharmeum will revolutionize the Pharmacy industry digitally, much like how Online Stores like Amazon changed the retail industry completely.

Using Pharmeum, Patients have:

  • A faster, frictionless way to receive affordable treatment simply using their Smartphone
  • True ownership of their synchronized, medication data
  • Improved health, by drastically reducing medical errors

Doctors and Pharmacies will have:

  • Less administrative work, creating more available funding
  • Enhanced revenue through a digital ordering system for medicine
  • More time available by digitizing a lot of their work

Pharmeum’s Proof of Concept was created last year in August 2018. Following this, Pharmeum’s live, functional Blockchain MVP has been successfully created too. Meaning that for the first time ever, anyone can use a permissioned Blockchain to transfer Medical Data and PHRM tokens.

Pharmeum has taken a unique approach that differs greatly from other ICO’s. Firstly, the PHRM token sale will be done in an IEO model – i.e. The public sale takes place on an exchange – like Bit Torrent or Fetch’s IEO.

Pharmeum is setting a low starting market cap, and only raising $9M, by allowing investors to obtain PHRM tokens – which act as a universal healthcare currency. Pharmeum’s low hard cap aims to differentiate from the overvalued starting market cap ICO’s – which benefits investors through scarcity and demand.

Pharmeum’s token distribution includes allocating 750 Million PHRM tokens, to be used across the Pharmeum healthcare eco‐system. The issuance of PHRM tokens will be via both pre‐sale and public sales. Currently the only way to invest in Pharmeum is to sign up for the in-demand waiting list for the Public ICO. Alternatively, you can contact the team via the website to see if you’re eligible for the Private pre-sale round.

The tokens will be generated and distributed once they are able to be used in a Pharmeum product, to ensure a solid utility of PHRM tokens.

Out of these 750 million tokens:

• 55% will be offered in the pre‐sale and public ICO
• 24% will be used for the adoption of the eco‐system (including supporting node holders)
• 20% will be vested in the team for 2 years, and allocated to strategic partners
• 1% will be used for marketing, including a bounty program.

The industry that Pharmeum is tokenizing is massive, and the existing market traction that Pharmeum has achieved – including a working analytics product adopted in the UK Healthcare Industry last year, demonstrate a tremendous amount of ambition.

Pharmeum clearly has set itself apart from other Blockchain projects and ICO’s. Soon the landscape of Pharmacy and Healthcare will be evolved, forever. 

Visit the Pharmeum website for more information

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