Asha Adiga is a true artistic headliner of Indian Classical Art

“Asha Adiga’s artistic accomplishments through the years speak of a great talent who has continued to create artistic showcasing of many kinds featuring diverse fields of music, dance and other modern art forms converging together for which she has the trust of her own neophytes at the Acharya Performing Academy.”

An artistic package in every sense of the word, Asha Adiga has been an innovator, educator, choreographer and composer to realize all the boldest artistic achievements made in her career, and her status as the founder and artistic director of Acharya Performing Academy has been immensely praised in terms of providing new talents a chance to shine on an international stage.

The Indian Classical Art Field rarely sees a talent like hers – burning the brightest, as well as causing others also to shine their light in paving a pathway for the entire artistic niche to move forward. Asha Adiga started receiving training in both Indian classical dancing and music from a very early age, and her talent was apparent from the very beginning. Despite being so young, she became a bona fide ‘child star’ and her performances gained widespread exposure after which converging forms of creative talents soon came to the forefront. Through her genius in choreography and innovative arrangements, she soon found a unique Indian Classical approach, which spoke directly to a young audience.

The innovative dancer in Asha Adiga was apparent from her innovation in ‘Nrithya Yoga’, which took the ancient exercise of having specific poses, and gave an entertainment vibe to it. She became famous across the entire world by holding lamps in both her hands, as well as four pots over her own head, and in this way performed moves that fixated upon Yogi Poses. This is but one example of her talents; choreographer Asha Adiga meanwhile created operatic sequence pieces, which provided packaged music and dance performances in terms telling stories of old. However, pieces like ‘Rama-Eshwara’ and ‘Satya Narathana Katha’ exhibit authentic Bharatanatyam roots in dancing sequences, while the overall arrangements represented something modern or contemporary.

Her bid towards creating Acharya Performing Arts Academy was a direct result of her own drive as an artistic mind – evolving and becoming mature with time. She is now a teacher and educator in the performing arts scene, and more than 200 talented individuals from all across the world are currently under her tutelage. It is hoped that her profile is not diminished in the future, and the Best in Indian Classical Art Form-Asha Adiga’s legacy is carried by all of her students.

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Guru Vidushi Asha Adiga is perhaps the most talented performer to come out of the Indian Classical Art Scene, and she is also an accomplished classical music composer. Though her background mainly lay in Bharatanatyam and Carnatic music respectively, her creativity led her innovating and synthesizing different art forms together to create something that was innately fresh and impressive. With more than 30 years of experience as a performer, choreographer, composer and instructor, she finally established the Acharya Performing Arts Academy, which has over 200 world class students being taught in the realm of Indian Classical Arts, as well as in other areas. Asha Adiga is leaving a legacy behind that would not be easily forgotten in any way. 

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