What Is Considered a Fair All Cash Offer for Homes in Renton, WA?

What Is Considered a Fair All Cash Offer for Homes in Renton, WA?

Like most people, when you think of real estate, you imagine owning your own home that you typically would have acquired through a bank with the help of a mortgage loan. For many other people, myself included, real estate is more than just acquiring a new residence, it can also be a major stream of income. Income can be generated via real estate from either having a commercial property that is home to a business, residential rental properties, or flipping houses for cash. 

As for myself, I have been in the business of flipping houses for cash for several years now. I like to go to frequent tax sale auctions on foreclosed home and acquire as-is property that I will do the necessary renovations to and later sale for cash. Although I also own a few rental properties as well as businesses, flipping house, in my opinion, is the fastest and most lucrative investment of them all. When I was a novice in the game, I did some research to see how I could make this happen being as though I didn’t own a construction company or have immediate access to a building crew. Through an extensive Google search, I finally found a site like https://www.angelhomesolution.com. Companies like Angel Home Solution are companies that will pay cash for houses! These groups often have their own team that handles much of the home improvements and are willing to make pretty good cash deals on almost any house. 

Of course, I wanted to sell my house fast so having a company that could handle everything was why I said flipping houses, at least for me, was the best investment I’ve made. The most work I had to do was just choosing which foreclosed property to buy and the rest was easy breezy. I then choose a company that buys houses for cash, go through a very simple process and then, sometimes in just a matter of days, I will have my cash in hand. 

When flipping houses first became a thing, it was common for buyers to do most of the renovations themselves and then either put the house up for sale through an agent or turn it into a rental property. Now, with more and more companies offering to take the burden off you by buying the house from you and then renovating it themselves, it makes the flip of a house even faster and more convenient than ever before. 

I must say, when I first got into this industry, I, like most people, was extremely skeptical and thought it to be another get rich quick scheme. On the contrary, although you might not get rich quick, you will earn a pretty penny if you do it right. I would recommend going through a reputable company that buys houses as opposed to doing it on your own. While you may not get as much of a profit return initially, because you are able to flip the houses faster, you will find yourself making more money than you thought possible!

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