New Book by Crypto Expert Dr H. C. Harald Seiz “Think BIG – How to Conquer the World with a Great Idea”

Dr H. C. Harald Seiz is today known as the man who has introduced the first gold-based digital means of payment. He is a crypto currency expert whose life is dedicated to gold and its value as a real currency. Dr Seiz seems to have the world at his feet, but that has not always been the case. The story of this recognised world expert in gold is one that is inspirational to any would-be entrepreneur, or indeed anyone who wants to be successful at life.

This world renowned author and entrepreneur grew up in modest surroundings. His father left the family home when Seiz was three years of age and we was raised by a mother and grandmother who themselves had issues with alcohol. From this background, Seiz has risen to manage an international group of companies with several hundred thousand business partners in place. Now, he wants to share his path to success in his new book “Think BIG – how you can turn a great idea into a global empire”.

Readers are given an insights into the world of the man who, as founder and CEO of Karatbars International GmbH, is regarded as a crypto currency expert and blockchain pioneer. Seiz has developed the first crypto currency to be stable backed by physical gold. This is a world away from the way he started life and he wants to show people how he did it. For those who aspire to reach the heights of success of a man whose companies have a turnover of 100 million euros and who owns a goldmine, this book is a window into the Seiz ethos.

“Think BIG” follows on from Dr Seiz’s previous work, “The future of money: How gold will revolutionize our payment system” and focuses on the skills and traits needed to succeed as an entrepreneur through insights into Seiz’s career progression to becoming the world alternative currencies and gold expert that he is today.

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