Leading the dance e-commerce carnival, watching sylphlike loli in the Tmall super category day show

Young, making sports more fashionable, has always been the brand culture pursued by sylphlike loli. This brand attitude is not only reflected in product design, but also in marketing strategy. Let sylphlike loli turn around in the e-commerce party of Tmall Super Category Day with its own energy and fashion.

On March 17th and 18th, 2019, sylphlike loli appeared on the Tmall Super Category Day-Sports Underwear Tide.

Tmall Super Category Day is a marketing IP that Tmall leads the consumption upgrade and accelerates the upgrade of potential categories. It cooperates with the industry to select the trend products with great potential and enhance the quality of life for consumers in the context of today’s consumption upgrade. The event leads the awareness of category consumption upgrades, helping the brand’s long-term line to develop consumption trends and stimulating the upgrading of the national category structure. 

As the big screen of Times Square in New York lights up, sylphlike loli stepped out of the first dance step of the Tmall Super Category Day game. Times Square, New York, USA, the center of shopping, entertainment and culture in the United States. The traffic on the ground floor of Times Square in New York is as high as 450 million a year, and the number of subway passengers exceeds 1 billion. So it is also known as the “crossroads of the world.” In addition to the huge flow of people, New York Times Square is also the location of the superstar concert. At the same time, it is also the first choice for the shooting of major advertisers, the location of countless Hollywood movies, the screen of Times Square is more at the forefront of fashion. For sylphlike loli, this is not just a carnival party, but also an upgrade of the sylphlike loli brand image.

The wonderful e-commerce waltz-the dance of the media matrix.

In this era when traffic is king, grasping the traffic will capture the place of the e-commerce dance floor. When many brands compete for traffic resources in Amoy, sylphlike loli has started its own flow of dance in the major media. Drain from the outside to the Tao. Breaking the traditional gameplay, there are new ideas and good drainage effects. 

Kol grow grass – open the e-commerce hula dance of the fan economy.

Behind KOL’s strong “cargo” ability is the rational consumption consciousness of the younger generation of social network era consumers. According to the “Tencent 00 Research Report”, only 16% of the 00 thinks that “the blogger or anchor is closer to me, and the recommended products are more trustworthy than the stars. For e-commerce and advertisers, It is a new round of opportunities. In the battle for kol traffic resources, the performance of sylphlike loli in Tmall Super Category Day is undoubtedly a case of multi-channel multi-dimensional joint marketing. 

Taobao live broadcast as the last piece of the door before the consumer clicks on the purchase, its role can not be underestimated. It is different from live broadcast platforms such as betta and panda. Watching Taobao live more viewers, I want to know the properties of my favorite products from the live broadcast. Sylphlike loli’s high interaction, high discounts and in-place merchandise display have gained an advantage in the traffic competition on Tmall Super Category Day.

Sylphlike loli is the fashion and cutting edge of Tmall Super Category Day, but the core is Lori’s attitude towards fans.

The big discount is the response of sylphlike loli to fans.

As an explorer of women’s fashion sportswear brands, sylphlike loli is “evolving” towards the standard of international fashion brands, both in terms of gameplay and brand. Sylphlike loli’s series of fancy marketing has successfully attracted the attention of many fashion sports enthusiasts, and also caused the sylphlike loli to explode in the attention of Tmall Super Category Day. No matter how the market changes, sylphlike loli can always bring new ways for consumers to shine. The new gameplay in the future is worth looking forward to.

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