DMAG Bearing Announces To Supply Special Bearings For Different Industries

Besides Special Bearings for petroleum, marine, aerospace, textile and chemical industry machinery, medical equipments, and electronics, DMAG Bearing also supplies different types of ball bearings, including Deep Groove Ball Bearing and Spherical Roller Bearing.

There is a wide variety of ball bearings that are used in different industries. These ball bearings are made of metals, plastics and ceramics, and are an important component of different machines. MAG Bearing supplies various types of ball bearings, including the special type of ball bearings that have wide applications in machineries used in industries, such as aerospace, chemical, electronics, marine, medical equipment, petroleum and others.

According to the spokesperson of the company, their Special Bearing is more in demand because of their corrosion resistant performance. These are self-lubricating bearings that do not require regular oiling to remain free from rusting and corrosion. The oil-free and non-magnetic bearings are suitable for operating in aggressive environments. Thus, special bearings are designed to perform in extremely hot or bitterly cold industrial setups.  The spokesperson reveals that they have a wide range of customized special bearings in their portfolio, which include stainless steel bearing, full ceramic bearing, hybrid ceramic bearing, corrosion-free plastic bearing, tracking roller bearing, flange bearing assembly and bearing with coatings. The customized bearing solutions may include different sizes and dimensions of the bearings.

DMAG Bearing Announces To Supply Special Bearings For Different Industries

The company can also supply the Deep Groove Ball Bearing that can operate at an incredibly high speed. According to the spokesperson, these ball bearings are most widely used in a variety of industrial applications in compressors, conveyors, fans and motors. These ball bearings are capable of carrying both radial and axial loads, and are more commonly used in applications to carry small loads. The company specializes in supplying single row deep groove ball bearings, which are remarkable for their performance and versatility. These ball bearings have deep raceway grooves with circular arcs in their inner and outer rings. The circular arcs of the outer rings have slightly bigger radius than that of the balls. The company uses ceramic materials in these ball bearings that help maintain their high speed and the overall performance.

The Spherical Roller Bearing is another important type of ball bearing that DMAG Bearing can supply to its industrial clients across the world. The company manufactures spherical roller bearings from high quality chromium steel to ensure its durability. These roller bearings operate in a frictionless manner and thus do not require any maintenance. With a very low friction, the rotation of the bearings allows an angular misalignment. These bearings generally support a rotating shaft in the inner bore that may misalign with respect to the outer ring. With a spherical roller shape, these bearings can handle heavier loads in comparison to the ball bearings. Thus, these roller bearings support axial and radial loads by reducing the rotational friction.

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Dynamic Motion & Gear Bearing (a.k.a DMAG bearing) is an international bearings distributor, located in the center of a global innovation hub of Shanghai in China. DMAG Bearing supplies more than 2000 specifications of various bearings, with an inner diameter from 1 mm to 2000 mm. Complied with international standards, they serve a wide array of clients in the worldwide OEM market and after market.

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