Canei Lampkin Ross Is Inspiring People Across The Globe Through Writing Wonderful Books

Canei Lampkin Ross Is Inspiring People Across The Globe Through Writing Wonderful Books
Have courage to face whatever life throws at you!

Conyers, USA – Canei Lampkin Ross also known as C.L Ross is one of the few people on the earth who are bold enough to use their adversities to their own advantage by letting them become her strength. By successfully battling Cancer, C.L Ross has vowed to inspire those who are currently going through this battle by writing books and letting them know that someone cares for them and knows how it feels to be on the threshold of life and death and how difficult it is to hold one’s self together in this grave situation.

Ross has successfully authored 2 books. Both of them are highly loved and rated by the reading community. The first book that comes under kids category is called: “The Weather Has Feelings: How About You?” was published in February 2019. It contains fun and creative ways for children to learn to explore their feelings. Its quality can be considered by looking at 5 stars on Amazon. Furthermore, the book is so loved by the audience that it is currently nominated for the 2019 Readers Choice Awards contest by TCK Publishing.

Her second book that came right after one month of her first book is equally loved. “Traces of my love: Secrets of the heart” is an urban fiction for adults. The author has written her heart out intending to connect with her audience at a deeper level. Due to originality and the human touch given by Ross, her second book has also received 5 star rating on Goodreads and Amazon both.

Recently, Ross is working on two new books. One of which is called “Let’s Fight to the End”. This book depicts Ross’s life story and how she kept motivated and bravely fought cancer. This literary masterpiece is going to serve as inspiration for all the families and individuals who are unfortunately fighting cancer. The book will be available for pre-orders on Amazon on April 1st and will hopefully release on 15th of April i.e. on Ross’ birthday.

C.L. Ross is a passionate and brave individual and really loves writing. She aims to make a difference in people’s lives by playing a part of a motivator. In her words: “I’m a new author and I have 2 published books out now (Urban Fiction for adults and a Children’s learning book) but in the beginning of April, I’m releasing a book about kids with cancer. This book means a lot to me, because this year I was able to finish my last chemo treatment so I know what they are going through. I’m always caught up because I have a great collection of books, I just want the world to know about it and take a chance and read my works.

As a partner with Kindle, her books are available for free for all the Kindle Unlimited Readers.

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C.L. Ross is a passionate writer who has battled cancer and now is a nominated bestselling author. She has written two highly loved books and is all set to release her 3rd this April.

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