Innovative Wig Cap Delivers Solution For Headaches And Hairline Loss Associated With Nylon Wig Caps

Innovative Wig Cap Delivers Solution For Headaches And Hairline Loss Associated With Nylon Wig Caps
Move over nylon stocking caps because Hair Protector™ is the new wig cap that women are turning to for ultimate comfort and hairline protection when wearing wigs.

Washington, DC – Ask any woman who wears wigs and they can tell you endless stories about the infamous nylon wig cap that provides hours and hours of tension headaches, scalp irritation and hair line damage. While these wig caps are cheap and provide a secure fit, the pain and damage are often too much for some women to bear, especially those who are dealing with hair loss due to an illness.

Made from 100% silk, Hair Protector™ is designed to protect the hair and scalp while providing the best feel and fit.  But aside from the comfort and protection offered by Hair Protector™, the quality of the silk, the manufacturing process and  unique design are the characteristics that sets this premium wig cap apart from nylon wig caps. 

The Hair Protector™ is constructed using the highest quality silk which means it does not cause pressure or rip easily. It is handsewn and subject to rigorous tests to ensure customers get the best possible product. This premium wig cap employs Smart Stretch Technology to bring comfort to the fore. It is designed for maximum wear and distributes stretch evenly and comfortably over the entire scalp. That means no headaches and no more unsightly loss of the hairline.

Technology guru, Dr. Janelle Billingslea, is the mastermind behind the Hair Protector™. Explaining the motivation for creating the wig cap, she said: “A colleague was actually suffering from hair loss due to health condition. The combs and other items on the inside of the wig were extremely irritating. Nylon caps didn’t really offer any sort of buffer, so I immediately began creating an innovative solution.”

Hair Protector™ is primarily designed for women who wear wigs. But it is also excellent for those recovering from hair loss. Priced at $36, Hair Protector™ is not exactly cheap; however, considering that it is made from durable silk and has the capacity to withstand several washes, it is an exceptional investment. This wig cap is available in five colors: black, brown, tan, taupe and cream to achieve the closest match to the skin tone.  

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