Helena Road Dust Control Now Offered By Bozeman Road Dust Control For 2019

Helena Road Dust Control Now Offered By Bozeman Road Dust Control For 2019

Livingston, MT – Helena road dust control will be a new offering for the 2019 spring, summer and fall seasons for the company Bozeman road dust control and it’s parent company No More Dusty Roads.

“We are over in Butte picking up many loads of Dust-Gard, which is a naturally occurring compound from the Great Salt Lake so it makes sense to service Helena”, says Dennis Alverson, owner of No More Dusty Roads. He adds. “It is such a short run from Butte to Helena and Butte is the only location in Montana to pick-up Dust-Gard which is the best product on the market for road dust control”.

“There are many miles of gravel roads in Lewis and Clark County with the County maintaining over 500 miles but only with grading and repairs”, says Alverson. He adds, “Lewis and Clark County road dust control is most often left up to individual property owners that border gravel roads in Montana and this is where we come in”.


“What we do is place a single application of Dust-Gard onto your gravel, or dirt, road during the Spring or early summer and this keeps the road dust-free for the remainder of the year”, says Alverson. He adds, “We have dozens of satisfied customers throughout Park, Gallatin and Broadwater Counties that use us every year so expanding to Helena and Lewis and Clark County just made sense”.

“Our company has made significant investments in new trucks and equipment so we have the capacity to expand the markets we serve”, says Alverson. He adds, “These investments insure that we can service the Helena road dust control market with reliability and regularity”.


“Our intention is to service all of the needs of Lewis and Clark County road dust control – ranch roads, horse arenas and residential”, says Alverson. He adds, “Just like in Park, Gallatin and Broadwater Counties, we feel we can quickly become the “got-to” option for road dust control because of our experience, equipment and product”.

“There are so many miles of dirt and gravel roads in all Montana Counties and the health impacts of not doing dust control can be great for both animals and people”, says Alverson. He adds, “Road dust negatively impacts children, adults, animals, vegetation, automobiles and so many aspects of our day-to-day life”.


“Dust-Gard is a superior dust control product, typically only requiring one application per year”, says Alverson. He adds, “For Helena road dust control services owners will typically want to contact us in the Spring season so we can get them an estimate and by May and June we are busy performing applications”.

“Our years of experience in road dust control and our investment in equipment has created a company that is reliable and well prepared”, says Alverson. He adds, “Our customer reviews on Google speak for themselves and we have many satisfied users from larger companies to individual homeowners”.

For further information about Helena road dust control then simply contact Dennis Alverson at 406-220-0755 or visit their website.

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