Compostable Protein PODs, a Better Alternative to Protein Drinks

Compostable Protein PODs, a Better Alternative to Protein Drinks

XOLOGY, an Australian company headquartered in San Diego, California has launched their much-anticipated Protein PODs, and they are the most sustainable addition to the nutrition market in years.

Specifically designed to reduce waste and eliminate the need for single-use plastics, these PODs are an eco-friendly, and convenient alternative to the ready to drink beverages such as RTD Protein Drinks commonly found in gyms and supermarkets.  

These protein PODs are intended to be used with the brand’s propriety shaker system, allowing those with busy, active lifestyles access to quality nutrition, wherever they are. XOLOGY PODs offer a no-mess solution for those who are constantly on the go and allow eco-conscious individuals to opt for their reusable shaker and biodegradable Protein PODs instead of grabbing one of their wasteful RTD counter-parts. Customers simply load a POD into the Shaker, add water and shake.

Unlike popular K-Cups, which are almost always manufactured from plastic, XOLOGY engineers their PODs from natural plant-based materials. The material is made from naturally-occurring plant sugar and corn. This bioplastic has more end-of-life options than traditional plastic as well. Furthermore, the company is also innovating POD materials with spent beer grain from beer production along with coffee grinds in what will be a first for single-use food packaging.

Aside from just being sustainable, XOLOGY’s POD and Shaker system is also a healthier alternative to RTD beverages. Company founder Ben Acott is passionate about individuals knowing the truth about what they are putting in their bodies. “These popular ready-to-drink protein products actually do more harm than good”, says Acott, “Because these drinks are typically flash heated, they lose their nutrient efficacy. Meaning, you aren’t actually getting the protein content – or vitamins listed on the label. Not to mention, they are loaded with preservatives to keep them shelf stable and often contain an alarming number of questionable ingredients”.

As an added bonus, you can be sure that all of the products in XOLOGY’s first range of PODs are 100% natural and that all ingredients maintain pure bio-availability. The company locally sources grass-fed whey and uses organic ingredients whenever possible. The team makes sure that all finished powders are lab tested, and involve certified nutritionists and trainers to give their products final approval.

What’s next for XOLOGY? They hope to inspire other brands in the space to start making more conscious decisions when choosing materials, packaging, and ingredients. Acott feels the sports nutrition industry is way behind when it comes to sustainability and wants other companies to know that it is possible to continue making great formulations – but in a greener format. Already, the company is working on the same delivery system but for cleaning products, infant formula and more.

For now, XOLOGY can be purchased exclusively at  For a quick demo on how the shaker works check this out.  If you are a nutrition brand interested in learning more about POD partnerships, visit

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