Revolutionary health and wellness initiative launch by BitCare

Revolutionary health and wellness initiative launch by BitCare

Technology-driven healthcare solutions provider, BitCare Technologies, Inc., announces the launch of the innovative product & service offering.

BitCare Technologies, Inc. (BitCare) has launched the product offering, Geneus. BitCare Geneus is genomic based DNA tests. And the beta release of the BitCare platform, BitHealth. The product and services are in line with the mission of the company to transform healthcare for the modern world. BitCare is offering the world an opportunity to be a part of the future of individualized healthcare with a wide range of products that have been carefully developed to help people lead a healthy life by providing them with an unparalleled depth of insight about their body.

Answering the call for the need for a modernized healthcare system that is patient centric, BitCare is looking to change the narrative by bringing the future of healthcare to the present. BitCare aims to assist individuals start on the path in the pursuit of a healthy life by offering a simple, effective DNA test that will allow for the provision of customized healthcare services.

BitCare Geneus products consists of wide range of Nutrigenomics (NGx) DNA test including:.

  • Health DNA Test, which is designed to help a person know which health conditions they are genetically predisposed to potentially developing;  
  • Diet DNA Test is utilized for identifying the most suitable diet based on an individual’s DNA;
  • Exercise DNA Test for customizing the exercise plan that best suits the genetic needs of an individual;
  • Sport DNA Test – the effectiveness of training and sports performance is interlined with wide array of body’s responses. This test is personalized for an athlete, beginner or professional, who wants to optimize their potential by identifying the right lifestyle, nutrition and environmental interactions.
  • and Estrogen DNA Test – that provides a good understanding of an individual’s estrogen related risk factors, inefficiencies in estrogen detoxification and metabolization and recommended additional support to improve wellness.

Once the individual has identified their uniqueness through their DNA tests; BitCare’s BitHealth platform – an unrivaled robust ecosystem powered by its users, providers, and vendors. The platform offers users unparalleled access to products and services based on individual’s DNA to enhance their overall health and wellbeing. The underlying architecture of the platform will be based on Blockchain and AI.

The Geneus website allows users to order the DNA Kit(s) and information on easy to follow steps – after receiving the Kit, swap the cheeks for 20 seconds each, mail the DNA sample collection in pre-paid envelope to CLIA/CAP certified lab partner; after 2-4 weeks view the results on the platform. There is an option to book a session with a certified Genetic counselor for nominal fee. The platform is free to sign up.

More information about BitCare Technologies, Inc. and the transformational healthcare solutions offered by the company can be found on their website.

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BitCare Technologies, Inc is a leading provider of innovative technology-driven solutions designed to help individuals lead a healthy life.

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