VIKTOR ĐEREK, born in Split and raised in Dubrovnik, Croatia, is making impressions in the world of photography and music. Đerek’s photography journey began when he took a photography class at the age of 9. From that time, he began to use an analog camera to take independent photos while traveling with his grandfather and uploading them on Flickr. Over time, Đerek moved from an analog to digital photography which now gives him the ability to churn out top-notch pictures by experimenting with colors, cadres, motives, and more.

Viktor Đerek’s musical talent laid the technical and aesthetic foundations for his photography. He produces photography that was far ahead of his time and it reflected in the photos he usually uploaded on the image hosting platform Flickr, prompting a Tourist organization to contact him to help them work on a new advertising campaign – Fairy Tale Croatia. The campaign was shot in cities like Dubrovnik, Šibenik, Zadar, and Zagreb as well as in the National Parks of Krka and Plitvice Lakes.

Viktor Đerek believes in making each moment count with his photography: “I don’t think you should take photos just for the sake of taking them. You should only take photos because there is some deeper personal meaning for you. Whenever I see something that is truly important to me, I don’t need to “force” myself to take a photograph. The camera naturally floats toward my hand. There is no effort necessary,” Viktor Đerek says.

Viktor Đerek is a multitalented person that has also made an impression on the world of music. His musical talent was recognized by his elementary school teacher at the age of 8 after writing his first song for his best friend. He later graduated from a music school known as Art school Luka Sorkočević. Winning the music show for teens called “Republika” was what brought Đerek into the limelight and ever since then, he’s been performing live at various manifestations. 

Apart from being a talented photographer and musician, Viktor Đerek is also known for his activism. If he’s not fighting for the preservation of nature, he will be fighting for human right in conjunction with the human rights organizations. This activism has earned him popularity among the youth. Viktor Đerek has also been noticed to participate in a number of online surveys through social networks.

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