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Los Angeles, CA – March 21, 2019 – “Audiences who view ‘NONA’ are guaranteed to see a heartbreaking story of human trafficking’s frequency. However, it’s a story that’s told with care for its subject matter through a relatively realistic lens,” wrote Newsweek.

Michael Polish’s (Big Sur, Twin Falls Idaho, Northfork) award-winning drama, NONA (aka ‘No Name’) is a labor of love that brings awareness to the important and universal issues of human trafficking and illegal immigration. Watch NONA on Amazon today:

In collaboration with the Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking (CAST), who helps human trafficking victims internationally, nationally and locally in Los Angeles, NONA hopes to provoke an emotional message to change the way the world is dealing with sex trafficking and illegal immigration. “Unlike other projects that shed light on the subject, NONA aims to help viewers understand how and why the practice of trafficking happened alongside its misconceptions. Roughly 14,500 and 17,500 women are targeted annually in the United States alone,” reported Newsweek.

Executive produced and self-starring, Kate Bosworth (Superman Returns, The Long Road Home), NONA puts a human face to Central America’s human trafficking industry, showcasing the unbound limits a young girl is willing to go for freedom.

When by a charming traveler, Hecho (Jesy McKinney) approaches a young Honduran girl, Nona (Sulem Calderon), he offers to safely smuggle her into the United States, where she can reunite with her mother. But soon enough, the Nona’s hope of future prosperity and happiness is shattered when the two approach the Mexican border, revealing Hecho’s true and sinister intentions. Hecho’s manipulation reveals to audiences the real-life dangers both women and men face today within the dangerous underworld of sex trafficking. Told through Nona’s eyes, the raw and heartbreaking world sheds lights on such unspeakable and inhumane horrors that still exist today.

“The film’s B-roll takes over a larger part of the edit than such observational shots normally do, almost like they have a higher priority than the facade being constructed to trap Nona. Even though the movie is about Nona, and how thousands of women have experienced her story, it strangely does not feel like it entirely belongs to her,” wrote Roger Ebert.

Bosworth prestigiously received the Founder’s Award for NONA at the Richmond International Festival, which they give to filmmakers who “champions stories of truths often untold or overlooked.”

As an emotional and harrowing thriller, Nona’s experience applies to more than just one young girl – but roughly, 14,500 to 17,500 women in the United States alone. Hoping to provide dialogue on how to stop the universal abuse, donate to CAST today and help people like Nona begin their journey to freedom here:

ROCK SALT RELEASING has released NONA onto digital streaming platforms (inDemand, Amazon, DirecTV, Fandango, FlixFling, Vudu, Vimeo on Demand, AT&T, Hoopla and Sling/Dish), Watch the official trailer here:

Alongside Bosworth, the human trafficking tale stars up and coming actress, Sulem Calderon (One of the Good Ones, upcoming 2020 Jungle Cruise with Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson) and Jesy McKinney (One of the Good Ones).  For press inquiries and exclusive interviews, please contact

NONA (2017, 91min.) Directed and written by: Michael Polish. Executive producers: Mark Cartier, Lars Anderson, Kate Bosworth, Jennifer Sulkess. Editor: Aidan Haley, Michael Polish. Cinematographer: Michael Polish. USA; Spanish, English dialogue. Make Pictures Productions, Rock Salt Releasing.

PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Make Pictures Productions.

CAST LA: The Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking, known as Cast, helps human trafficking victims internationally, nationally, and locally in Los Angeles. Donate to Cast and help people like Nona begin their journey to freedom. 24-Hour Hotline: 888-KEY-2-FREE (888-539-2373) or visit

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