Releases A Complete Listing of Construction & Real Estate Companies in China & Agriculture Companies in United States

The listing of agriculture and real estate sectors includes hundreds of sub-categories under both Construction & Real Estate and Agriculture sectors, and one can find thousands of US and Chinese companies for doing business with them.

With their extensive company database, can serve the purpose of an important information channel for companies that want to do business with US or Chinese companies. The online company listing service can bridge the gap between companies from different countries by providing complete information about each other and can facilitate international trade. The listing includes companies from different sectors, such as agriculture, Construction & Real Estate, Non-Metallic Mineral Deposit and so on.

The spokesperson of the company reveals that they have a complete listing of the Construction & Real Estate Companies in China, which includes the name of the companies, manufacturing and supplying aluminum pipes, access control systems, bathroom fittings, bath mirrors, bricks, building components and other items. The list includes names of all big and small companies in China and the products they manufacture for the real estate industry. The information could prove helpful for companies that want to import building and construction items from China. The listing information also reveals the product portfolio of the companies. One can also learn about the product quality and the safety and quality standards have been followed while manufacturing certain products. Releases A Complete Listing of Construction & Real Estate Companies in China & Agriculture Companies in United States

Similar to China, there are large numbers of companies in the USA as well. These companies deal in a variety of products. Besides listing of the US companies from different sectors, maintains a huge list of Agriculture Companies in United States. The listings in this sector have further been categorized under a number of sub-categories, such as agricultural & gardening tools, agricultural greenhouses, agricultural waste, agrochemicals & pesticides, animal feed, animal husbandry and so on. The spokesperson reveals that one may find hundreds or thousands of company names under each sub-category, and such an exhaustive listing always proves helpful in finding the best company to purchase products from.

With a large company database, assures of listings from diverse sectors, such as Non-Metallic Mineral Deposit. One can find an impressive Non-Metallic Mineral Deposit Company List, which includes companies dealing in minerals, such as barite, dolomite, mica, talc, silica and others. These non-metallic minerals are not easily found everywhere on this earth, and this is the reason why very few companies are engaged in the processing and supply of these minerals. These companies are primarily located in those regions where particular minerals are available naturally in abundance. Now, one can find the names of the companies that can supply these minerals in a hassle-free manner.

To check the listing of US or Chinese companies, one can visit the website

About is an extensive online listing of companies from different countries around the world. The company names of a country have been arranged sector-wise, so that one can quickly browse through all companies from a specific industry. They keep adding new company names everyday to make the listing even more exhaustive.

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