Dongguan Large Electronics Co., the World’s Leading Supplier of Lithium Ion Battery Packs, Offers Customized Solutions

Dongguan Large Electronics Co., the World’s Leading Supplier of Lithium Ion Battery Packs, Offers Customized Solutions

Guangdong Province, China – Lithium Battery Manufacturer Dongguan Large Electronics has been in business for 17 years providing top of the line lithium ion battery packs for users the world over. With its vast experience in the industry, the company is also able to provide specially designed customized solutions to suit a wide variety of needs.

“Our custom lithium ion battery packs are second to none,” says a Large Power company spokesperson. “And our reputation speaks for itself. Our products are widely used in the military, medicine, mining, and a host of other industries the world over.”

With a team of more than 60 people that includes nine professors, two associate professors, twelve middle and senior title engineers and seven doctoral supervisors, it’s not surprising to learn that the company has accumulated a total of 99 patents.

Some of Large Power’s most sought-after products include the following:

Explosion-Proof Battery

A new type of lithium ion battery, the explosion-proof battery is manufactured with high safety coefficient materials which effectively prevent the possibility of explosion. This remarkable battery not only has an exceptional safety record, but can also be charged and discharged over 1000 times.

LiFePO4 Battery Pack

This economically priced product offers good security, high energy density and a long cycle life. A great choice for new age power sources, the LiFePO4 is environmentally friendly, and is commonly used in a variety of applications ranging from power energy storage, military weapons and robots, to  medical devices and emergency backups.

Lithium Power Battery Pack

A battery applied on power-driven systems, the Lithium power battery is remarkable in that it can be used in electric tools, robots, golf carts, yachts, and more. Unlike the common lithium ion battery, it offers high energy density, high volumetric specific energy ratio, a wide temperature range, high rate discharging, a longer cycle life and better security.

Low Temperature Battery

Providing good charging and discharging performance in low temperatures, this battery is perfectly suited for subzero temperatures.  Its uses are many, including military weapons, aerospace, missile carriers, scientific investigations of polar region, emergency handling in frigid zones, and more.

About the Company

Headquartered in Gaosun Science & Technology Park, Dongguan city, Guangdong Province, China, Dongguan Large Electronics Co., Ltd was originally established in 2002. A national-level high-tech enterprise, the company is renowned for its own independent research along with the development, production and sales of its unique, customizable lithium ion battery packs.

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