Replica Handbags Belongs to woman Queen Temperament

YSL Replica Handbags Belongs to Your Queen Temperament

YSL handbags allow urban women to put what they need in their bags. Someone said that every girl should own a YSL handbag. YSL handbags series has always been a favorite of fans. Each time when the new series is launched, it must occupy the top five positions on the wish-list.

A lot of celebrities are fond of YSL bags. Carrying a YSL bag, which can always emerge the elegance and personal sense of fashion of women. It is a must-item for street shooting.

Each brand has a strong brand style. There are numerous YSL bags, but the most popular one should be Monogram series. This seriers was created by the artist Pierre Cassandre in 1961 at the invitation of Yves Saint Laurent logo. The biggest hallmark of Monogram series is the “YSL” logo, you can fancy that how vital is “YSL” to Saint Laurent. Until today, the logo is still the soul to the brand. There are many styles of the Monogram series, but College and Kate are the two which are quite famous.

•  Monogram College

This bag was launched in 2015. The retro college style prevailed at that time, and YSL launched Monogram College according to the market, and it was popular. College is made of lambskin or exquisite calfskin, with a softer shape and silhouette.

Popularity is never outdated. Although College was launched in 2015, its popularity index has not decreased. Many celebrities own this bag. A bag can be matched with different outfits at different occasions. As you know, a real YSL Medium Monogram College costs at least $2,400, and the colors you like may be sold out, and you have to be on the waiting list.

However, according to designer discreet reviews, many people bought their favorite copy designer handbags from Designer Discreet, maybe we can give it a shot.

•  Monogram Kate

Monogram Kate is a small bag with small size. The front and back are very simple. Except the logo, there is basically no extra design. Yet it is very classic and versatile. This bag is made of calfskin, and the calfskin just shows a strong texture effect, which makes it looks more angular. Monogram Kate has two styles:one is with tassel, another one is without tassel, the one with tassel is more popular. But it’s true that the tassel are really very pleasing, and the design a little more detail will really add a lot to the texture of the bag. The small tassel is hung on the bag surface, satisfying the voyeuristic mentality of others, and also giving the series a vaguely mysterious taste. In terms of color, there is a low-key black as the first choice. It is definitely a must-buy-item for others or for your own use or collection. Of course, although it is only a small bag, but the price is not affordable, such a small bag, an authentic one also costs at least 2, 000  US dollars. If you spend more than 2,000 dollars to buy a genuine product, it is very distressing!

So if you want to get the same quality and just want to spend a small amount of money, then you should consider looking for AAA quality replica YSL Monogram Tassel Kate bag.

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