Bitget Strategy, How a New Crypto Exchange Stands Out

According to the latest data from CoinMarketCap, there are more than 30,000 active crypto exchanges on the market. Every player endeavors to work a unique way out of this highly competing battle. However, crypto exchange as a business, is confronted with some common crucial challenges such as severely homogenization on the product front, and low loyalty on the user front. Bitget however, although newly launched, has deployed efficient strategies to stand out as a global leading digital asset trading platform.

Globalisation is always one of the key strategy. Up to now, Bitget has already established a solid foundation in South East Asia, North America and Europe, with collaborating partners all over the world. It is well known that SEA becomes the emerging hub for blockchain industry. Young, active traders base and booming  local market are attracting key players around the world, including blockchain projects, public chain teams, digital exchanges, capitals and beyond. Among them, Bitget as an early arriver, already acquired deep resources and connections, as well as built up a wide customer base. Now Bitget is working with top local medias and KOLs, and serves more than 100,000 SEA traders. Next step Bitget will work on empower local projects and start-ups, to  further contribute in SEA blockchain industry advancing.

In 2018, Bitget and MX Capital joined venture and established Bitget-MX Wealth Management — specialised in providing private  digital banking service and custodian service for high net-value clients.

MX Wealth digital bank currently manages more than 1800 BTC capital, and is equipped with 4 in-house global professional value management teams to manage this fund. Moreover, early 2019 Bitget launched GT Bonus Plan – a professionally designed financial derivative from platform token GT. GT Bonus Plan offers fixed interest plus GT token value gain. From previous data, GT Bonus Plan total ROI (Return on Investment) varies from 125% – 158%, thus providing a reliable and profitable investment tool to crypto traders.

Bitget always prioritizes the traders and their assets, therefore continuously working on the risk control mechanism. In 2019, Bitget is focusing on working with and empowering high quality blockchain projects, to bring value to the traders, the projects, and extends to the industry.

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