Hu Jiaqi, the Famous anthropologist: The Continued Development of Science and Technology Will Exterminate Humanity

Science and technology are the primary productive force. The progress of society and the development of the economy is inseparable from the promotion of science and technology. Since the launch of the fourth industrial revolution of new technology, the development of science and technology has ushered in the peak of human history. Technologies, represented by artificial intelligence, robotics, clean energy, virtual reality, biotechnology, etc., have been rapidly developing. People are immersed in the carnival of technological development and enjoy the convenience brought by technology. However, in the atmosphere of national enthusiasm, there are many people who are skeptical about this. Hu Jiaqi, the famous anthropologist even proposed that the continued development of science and technology will accelerate the extinction of mankind.


Hu Jiaqi has been studying human problems for 40 years. With the deepening of research, he has become more and more aware of the seriousness and urgency of the problem. Hu Jiaqi’s point is that, “The continued development of science and technology will soon exterminate humanity. It will take two to three hundred years or even one hundred years. It is time to take decisive measures. To save humanity from extinction, we must stop the continued development of science and technology and at the same time, limit or seal some potentially dangerous technologies that may lead to human extinction, especially the corresponding scientific theories must be permanently sealed. Saving human beings depends on human beings, and it is necessary to build a large unified society and strictly restrict the development of science and technology globally and sealed some unsafe science and technology.”

Hu Jiaqi does not completely refute science and technology. On the contrary, in the book Saving Humanity, the significance of science and technology to human beings is affirmed, “Science and technology is the cornerstone of human and human civilization. Only science and technology is the fundamentals that determine the overall survival of mankind.” However, science and technology is a double-edged sword that can benefit and exterminate humans. The greater the ability to benefit human beings is, the greater the power to exterminate human beings is. We are worried that the infinite expansion of its destructive power will destroy our humanity. Without the survival of mankind, all our values are worthless. “Let’s think quietly and sensibly, from the very low science and technology 200 years ago developed to the level now, the tremendous technological achievements created by mankind, and the enormous technological power that these achievements contain, even we ourselves have felt enough fear. Then, on the basis of today’s technology, if science and technology continue to accumulate and develop for hundred or thousand years, it is absolutely certain that human beings will inevitably be exterminated. Therefore, in the current development of science and technology, we should limit the development of science and technology.”

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