Sylvia Stern releases another poetry collection – Walking Through Poetry

Retired school teacher and poet, Sylvia Stern, releases an amazing poetry collection in “Walking Through Poetry: The Rhythm of My Life”

Sylvia Stern has shown her creativity and ingenuity with the release of another poetry collection titled “Walking Through Poetry: The Rhythm of My Life.” Sylvia is known for her unique, creative writing style that offers readers, particularly young readers amazing wordplay while helping them appreciate their immediate environment, an attribute she once again demonstrated in Walking Through Poetry.

In “Walking Through Poetry: The Rhythm of My Life,” Sylvia offers lovers of poetry a collection of poems broken into chapters such as Moods and Dreams, Events in the sky, Faith, Gardens, Seasons, Colors, Just Me and Laugh With Me. The book is written in line with Sylvia’s goal of inspiring, cheering, and encouraging readers to embrace a positive mindset that will go a long way in changing their lives positively.

Each division of the book contains thought-provoking yet interesting texts that will not only capture the attention of children and other such readers but also teach them some life lessons in a subtle way.

From the poem What a Daisy Lacks, “What a daisy lacks in sophistication, it excels in freshness and innocence, and in toughness, it will not be undone.”

From the poem, The Castles of my Dreams, “But who lives in castles so high only the eagle calls?  They are found in the misty places of our dreams, to be found when we need a little vacation from the angry pace of the spinning world.”

From the poem Conflict, “When will I learn that I can’t control all situations to everyone’s or mine?”   “Everyone is fighting their own battle, within and without.”

From the poem Wishes to Prayers, “I used to have several wishes when I was a greedy youth, but after many years of life and a few tears I whittled down my list to what is most important.”

Both the Paperback and E-book versions of “Walking Through Poetry: The Rhythm of My Life” is currently available on LiteFire and other online bookstores.

About Sylvia Stern

Sylvia Stern is a retired school teacher who loved teaching creative writing, puppetry, and poetry to her class.  She loves spending time in nature, often composing poetry as she took her walks out in any kind of weather and, season and time of day. 

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