Chance For Doctors To Try Out One Of The Best Medical Answering Services

Cullens Communications offers one month’s free trial to consumers allowing them to test their state-of-the-art call systems.


Press Release, Goshen, New York: 16 January 2013: Cullens Communications, a New York based medical answering service is offering doctors a sophisticated telecommunication system with “exceptional call quality and functionality”.

They have 2 packages on offer – a flat rate plan and an extra care plan. The latter for clients who want their callers to speak with a live agent each time.

For medical practitioners the present business environment is very challenging. The volume of calls can be exceptionally high making it arduous to ensure calls are answered quickly and as accurately as possible.

Hiring a professional medical answering service is of course, the answer. But even for medical answering services that ensure calls are promptly responded, there is a need to resort to sophisticated telecommunications technology.

Today doctors’ answering services have many ways out.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is one solution. IVR provides callers with a self service mode and has been hugely popular with many other organizations besides the medical service. The system wherever put in place, has made a dramatic difference to the way calls are handled.

Doctors need sophisticated methodologies to call handling. The very nature of their profession demands such an approach.   For medical answering services different call routing solutions are available to answer their needs.

Interactive call announcements, priority queuing, multiple call queues, click to chat, and web callback are some of the features that telecommunication systems have developed to deal with calls efficiently.

Cullens Communications seems to have made the best use of modern technology. They have put in place, the latest answering service technology. In addition, the company assures customers the option to customize each account to suit their needs.

This is certainly heartening because to make sure that customer calls are answered as quickly as possible, not only boosts callers’ confidence but also enhances the doctors’ reputation.

“My aim was to raise customer service levels by having more enquires dealt with the first time”, says a reputed physician in Goshen. “I am happy my medical answering service has done this quickly and efficiently”.

If call volumes are high, a good physician answering service pro-actively manages the calls by the addition of more agents as required. Some services even ensure patients are well-informed how their calls are progressing, by intelligent announcements – of course by protocols approved by their doctor clients.

The above are only some of the benefits technology has accorded to doctors’ answering services.

Business communication systems today have modular approaches to call routing and Cullens Communications seems to have leveraged the advantage. The answering service is now in a position to offer an appropriate solution for each client to create the right experience for their callers.

Technology is moving ahead fast. It is imperative that medical answering services must keep pace with the latest. Periodically every answering company must re-evaluate their call routing systems. Perhaps a more advanced reporting system can be generated for customer satisfaction.

Upgrading call routing can involve putting in place a basic plan that fits in geolocation. For medical answering services this has the advantage of pulling out all past call histories in real time so that they can make appropriate call routing decisions.

Call routing solutions can also determine whether the patient is a first-time caller or an old one. This enables the doctor’s answering service to handle the enquiry appropriately by routing it to a specific specialist or otherwise.

Cullens Communications works with all kinds of medical specialists – Internal medicine, Pediatrics, Dentists, Neurologists, gynecologists and more.

Health care providers, desirous of hiring a professional level answering service, can contact Cullens Communications


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