The Oxford Plagiarism Checker Introduces New Service for Business Owners

The Oxford Plagiarism checker is pleased to announce it has just launched a new service to cater to the needs of business owners who are looking to stay on the top of Google search results by publishing unique content. Content marketing is a key component when ranking websites and there are tons of information released online daily. But most of the information released is just a copy of a copy of another copy. Publishing this sort of content is detrimental to business websites as it could lead to poor rating and a drop in their search position. The new service from Oxford Plagiarism checker will ensure business owners only publish unique content on their sites helping them rank higher on the search results.

The higher business websites are placed on the organic search results, the more quality free traffic they can get to their websites. It has also been proven that publishing unique content helps to generate 3 times more leads than outbound marketing and improve conversion rates by as much as six times. Businesses who neglect the importance of publishing unique content stand the risk of having their website pages flagged and demoted in search results. With the Oxsic Professional Plagiarism Checker, businesses are now sure of a perfect service that can help them publish unique content.

The service also allows users to set-up a monitor which periodically checks if other websites have stolen or borrowed their content. This monitor can be customized to send alerts where ever it is best for the business owner. Oxford Plagiarism checker can fully comprehend and analyze text from as much 128 languages and detect plagiarism.

The new service is suitable for business owners, bloggers, teams and individuals. It comes with the most engaging pricing on the market, so business owners are sure they will get value for their money.

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