Security Smart Systems Inc. Provides Smart Fence and Perimeter Solutions in Toronto, ON

Security Smart Systems Inc. understands the importance of securing properties with the right smart fence and perimeter solutions.

Physical security is incredibly important, but many organizations overlook the importance and fail to put measures in place. Most organizations store some sort of confidential data, and if an intruder gains access to an area they shouldn’t, the loss can be quite serious. Whether an attacker intrudes a business or home for financial gain, personal gain or any other reason, it’s devastating for the business owner or homeowner. That’s why physical security is vital to keep any given premises safe.

Security Smart Systems Inc. understands the importance of securing properties with the right smart fence and perimeter solutions. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, a smart fence and perimeter solution can make a world of difference when it comes to minimizing risk. They specialize in the installation and maintenance of a range of smart fence and perimeter solutions to provide the highest level of protection against unauthorized personnel.

Their solutions include security smart C&C management software with 3S-view. This is a standalone solution that utilizes advanced embedded algorithms for early detection of intrusion scenarios. In addition, they offer the 3S-Electronic and 3S-Mechanical smart fence, which ensures fences, walls, and concertina coils remain safe against intrusion. These fences can’t be climbed, cut or sabotaged in any way.

Security Smart Systems Inc. also provides hydros passage protection. This is a vibration sensor metal grid that ensures intruders can’t access water and drainage passages. This can also be equipped to enable detection of water levels, in order to prevent flooding. For small, unmanned sites, they provide the plug-n-play system CU-07 – a perimeter controller that works with one sensor line to ensure no maintenance is required.

Last but not least, they offer smart rigid structures specifically designed for rigid metal bar fences and walls. These smart rigid structures can also be used underground as required. Security Smart Systems Inc. provides smart fence and perimeter solutions to meet the needs of any business or home looking to stay safe.

About Security Smart Systems Inc.

Security Smart Systems Inc. provides security solutions to the private market. Their team consists of individuals who have worked in the field of security-related projects since the 2000s, which offers them the expertise and know-how necessary to leverage innovative technologies for the purpose of creating high-end security solutions.

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