Gotham Glow Offers Lucrative Packages For Getting The Perfect Salon Tan

Gotham Glow has come up with some of the most lucrative deals and packages for those who are looking to get a high quality, natural in salon tan. They have several options for people who are looking to get the right look.

Gotham Glow is one of the top salons in New York which specializes in offering a wide variety of packages for in salon tan. They have several different kinds of tan from Gotham Glow to microglow, macroglow and more.

One of the key spokesmen for the salon was quoted as saying, “We know that people are very particular about the kind of tan you can get. We have the best technicians who make use of the right sculpting and tonal techniques and thereby give you the finest sun kissed glow.”

Those who are looking for the full body in salon tan; they can choose the $75 pricing. There is also a face only tan for $25. Those who want to get the best glow for the whole body can check out the full body express tan which would cost them $85.

This is not all as there are several packages, too. Choose 6 tans for $390, or choose 6 express tans for $450 – Either way, you save $60!

With the right techniques and the best methods used, the tan obtained is uniform and natural. It is important to get the right kind of natural tanning or else the face looks unevenly toned and it might defeat the whole purpose of opting for one.

Gotham Glow has managed to get some of the most promising reviews from their customers and they strive hard to ensure that they stick to the finest beauty standards. Having been in this domain for too long, they know the right art of making tan look perfect and natural at the same time.

About Gotham Glow

Gotham Glow is one of the top rated salons in New York for anyone who is looking to get a natural and perfect looking tan. They have some of the finest specialists who are equipped with the dynamics of sculpting and help get a great tan.

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