Used Cars California Is A Blessing In Disguise Enabling People To Buy Their Very First Vehicle with No Credit

Used Cars California Is A Blessing In Disguise Enabling People To Buy Their Very First Vehicle with No Credit
Drive your first car without having to worry about the cash!

Fresno, California, USA – Used Cars California is a specialized car dealing service that intends to help low credit scoring individuals to buy cars with low down payment. This organization has partnerships with used cars dealerships which gives it an edge over other agencies. The major clientele of Used Cars California belongs to the age bracket of 18-25 who usually does not have high incomes or huge savings to finance their first motor vehicle. With the assistance of this business they are able to enjoy the perks of having one’s own car without having to worry about convincing the dealerships to charge them big down payments. Andre has teamed up with some of the biggest banks, and could get 1st Time Buyers approved with Down-Payments starting at $1500.

Used Cars California began its journey on Facebook 4 years ago, creating the Facebook car buying experience. With over 10k followers now and thousands of reviews, Used Cars California is truly loved by people and is successful in achieving its ambitions.

This venture is owned by Andre Ramirez whose dedication is evident by the success of his business. He takes pride in his work and knows how valuable his service is to people across the region that he influences. In his words: 4 Years ago I created the Facebook Car Buying Experience. I specialize in helping 1st Time Buyers with No Credit get into vehicles. With my program, I can get a 1st Time Buyer Approved with a Down-Payment Starting at $1500. Majority of my clients are 18-25 who never bought a vehicle before. I started my business in Fresno California, and Branched to Sacramento, Stockton, and Lodi California. I have teamed up with the best used car dealerships in California. I do the deals, other dealers can’t do. I specialize in sub prime lending. I’m one of the best when it comes to financing 1st Time Buyers with No Credit. I also work with Challenge Credit. I can get people approved with a Open Chapter 11 and 13 Bankruptcy. I get people approved up to 4 repos, and no license.

Ramirez’s account is a great answer to the most asked question across America: How to buy a used car? Of course the answer is simple if you have a lot of savings to fall back to but as mentioned above, when it comes to people in near 20’s they really struggle to find out ways to finance their very first car. Andre Ramirez is truly a blessing for such people as he is making it possible for such population to have access to their own car.

About the Company:

Used Cars California is a used car agency that is run by Andre Ramirez. The company distinguishes itself from rival companies by being a safe haven for young Americans to buy their first car with a much reduced down payment. The company operates in Sacramento, Stockton, Lodi, and Fresno California.

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