A milestone for Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy & Acupuncture in Regina

Canada, SK – March 22nd, 2019 – This year will bring a milestone for me, Ken Ansell, and my practice in Regina – HealthWorks Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy & Acupuncture. In the next couple of months, I have will have the honor of serving my patients for 25 years. I remember starting out after graduation from massage therapy school wondering how this new venture was going to work out. Hard to believe that that much time has flown by but I guess they say time flies when you are having fun.

My career has been remarkable because of the patients I treat, many who have been coming to see me since I first started out doing massage therapy and any more since I received my education in acupuncture. 

Graduating massage therapy college in 1994, I started Albert Park Massage Therapy, a single practitioner massage therapy practice located in the south end of Regina. In 2000 expanded into a multi-therapist massage clinic, changing the name to Massage Therapy Associates of Regina and relocating to the Regina General Hospital. After personally experiencing the benefits of acupuncture, I received my diploma in medical acupuncture from McMaster University in 2006, expanding the treatment options for my patients.  For the last 15 years I have been the clinical director at my clinic HealthWorks Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy & Acupuncture, a multi-disciplinary, multi-therapist practice providing a wide range of rehabilitation services. 

There are now 5 therapists providing the following treatments to help our patients:

Massage Therapy
Sports Massage
Craniosacral Therapy
Myofascial Release
Sports Acupuncture
Muscle Stim
Synvisc Injectable Viscosupplementation

One of the most popular and successful treatments that I offer is a highly specialized form of acupuncture.  It is designed to reactivate and rehabilitate muscles that, due to injury repetitive postures or strain, have lost function or strength. This unique treatment is extremely beneficial for athletes recovering from injury or for injury prevention. Many athletes like competitive weight lifters, sprinters, swimmers and others have found that the treatment has increased their performance when receiving treatment before their competitions.

If you have any questions on how HealthWorks Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy & Acupuncture can help you with your injury, condition or sports performance, please contact us.

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