DAPP Release, Embrace EOS Global, Embrace the Future

Some people say that if you don’t understand the block chain, you’ve missed the whole time. With the development of block chains, it has been successful from 1.0, 2.0 to 3.0, from bitcoin to smart contract, and then to value internet, the most direct manifestation is the emergence of DAPP.

EOS Global (hereinafter referred to as EG) is a group of block chain enthusiasts from the United States and geeks from Singapore who are proficient in block chain technology. It consists of six major sections, each of which has its own mechanism, can operate independently, apply on the ground, and promote each other and complement each other.

EOS Global’s six maps complement each other and coexist in harmony

EOS Trade:Eos Trade is a EOS standard. Through the exclusive reward rules and intelligent contract mechanism in each trading area, all players participating in the transaction can receive 288% of the reward. All transactions and contracts are automatically executed without any central accounts. There is no bubble in the model.

EG ECO: EG ECO will develop EG tokens based on EOS, totaling 1 billion yuan, for the construction of the whole EG ecosphere. All tokens will not be sold publicly. Of these, 10% (100 million) will be given free to EOS Traded players, 60% will be used for mining income, 20% will be used for resonance trading to support EOS ecological construction and node election, 10% will be used for marketing, legal departments and the founding team of EG.

EGFUN: EGFUN will be online no less than five entertainment games, and through online and offline entertainment section, online through intelligent contracts and open transparent, offline real scene experience, can better achieve online + offline entertainment communication.

EG Wallet EG: to promote the development of ecological, ecological development support EOS token transactions, resource management, industry news, community integrated wallet.

EG Hatch: The 21st century is a competition for talents. EG Hatch screens high-quality project teams and supports the application of technology in the industry. Prepare for a rainy day and win in the future!

EG Club: Through the global offline club, EG Club gathers players in the whole EG ecosystem, sharing all resources, building together and developing together. We will jointly promote the development of block chain technology.

The future development of the block chain industry is immeasurable. We believe that with the promotion of EOS Global DAPP and the gradual opening of the six major sections, the EG ecosphere will eventually develop in a more robust, more open, safer and more convenient direction. We can imagine that there will be DApp applications in all fields in the future. The future is coming, we are the builders of the future, everyone has the opportunity to embrace EOS Global, embrace the future!

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