Anand R Mehta Introduces A Fortified Identity Based Encryption (FIBE) For E-Health Management System in Cloud

Seasoned researcher and programmer Anand Mehta has introduced a new E-Health management system which enforces security to the patient’s EHR in cloud assisted environment.

Electronic health record maintenance is an evolving problem that is needed to handle efficient information interchange. This system supports the patients to create their health relevant information, accomplish, govern and share certain information with hospital, Experts and others. Generally, the third party cloud service providers controls the EHR services which entails more interrelated operations. Here the challenge arises in the context of privacy preservation regarding patient’s medical information. The patient needs to share their information with various organizations and the data is nominated for various query operations.

With this, many issues are being faced regarding the security of the personal medical data – Access Credentials, Secure Interaction, Authentication Policy Behavior and Verification of Security Attributes. In order to deal such problems a novel high secure e-health management framework was proposed by Anand Mehta.

This proposed framework handles Access policy control, Fortified Identity based encryption (FIBE), and user specific proxy re-encryption methods for secure EHR distribution. It is predominantly great efficiency on behalf of re-encryption, which can be used to attain profitable cloud usage. The comprehensive approach enhances the security, privacy and interoperability functions of EHR services.

Usually the cloud servers are less trustworthy because of security issues. Anand Mehta’s work supports the patients to preserve their secret medical information using suitable cryptographic techniques. The patients could take advantage of this amazing framework regarding strict access control policies.

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Anand Mehta is a technically sophisticated OPS & Quality Engineer with years of solid experience developing and testing business applications that have optimized revenue, provided complex analyses of trends and conditions and increased operational efficiencies. He is very skilled in gathering user and system requirements, working directly with clients and product managers and collaborating cross functionally to optimize outcomes. Anand has got a Linux/Unix experience in System/Service Engineering.

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