Dr. Marsie Ross, “The Self-Care Crusader,” Helps Women Embrace Self-Care For Happy, Healthy Lives

“Dr. Marsie is on a mission to build an army of self-care crusaders who embrace self-care without guilt or apology, so they can get to the good part of healthy living and live effective lives with authentic confidence”

Dr. Marsie Ross, known to many as the “The Self-Care Crusader,” is a Women’s Self-Care Expert, Award-Winning Pharmacist, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, International Speaker and Author helping women on the journey to realizing the importance of self-care and authentic confidence.

Dr. Marsie founded EdLyn Essentials and Healthy and Happy Coaching out of a passion for helping women not just live to serve others, but to thrive in their own lives. The brand name EdLyn means “Noble Protector,” and that’s exactly how Dr. Marsie feels about women health and its importance, and the mission she is on.

Dr. Marsie’s motto is “Healthy is the New Beautiful”. Each day, Dr. Marsie strives to empower and educate women so they can collectively take charge of their own health and happiness. The pressures of modern society, to “fake it til you make it” as many call it, can have catastrophic and debilitating effects on one’s health, relationships and careers. Dr. Marsie works with professional women who are ready to get to the good part of healthy living, so they can lead effective lives and pursue sustainable, quality relationships with authentic confidence that lets them shine.

As a mother, wife and CEO, she knows firsthand the uphill battles women face with sustaining positive body images and maintaining good mental and emotional health from day-to-day. As a result, Dr. Marsie is on a mission to build an army of self-care crusaders who embrace self-care without guilt or apology through Happy and Healthy Coaching LLC.

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For more information, visit www.healthyandhappyllc.com.

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