Actor and Comedian Maya Danzig talks about spinning between New York and Chicago for her acting career while managing college

Maya Danzig, a Manhattan-based actor is currently handling multiple projects; mainly in New York and Chicago. She is also studying Theatre at Temple University in Philadelphia. She has performed at The Second City, The Upright Citizens Brigade, iO Chicago, and many other theatres in New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia.

In this exclusive interview, she talks about balancing her studies as a senior in college with acting in several feature-length films, short films, and web series.

Interviewer: Tell us something about your journey as a theatre artist?

Maya Danzig: I have always loved performing, but I never thought of it as a real career option until I started doing improv and sketch comedy. I found both of those things in college, and I immediately fell in love. I love the teamwork aspect of doing improv, and I love that as a sketch comedian I’m expected to be able to write as well as perform.

Interviewer: What do you enjoy doing more as an artist, theatre or film?

Maya Danzig: That is such a hard question! I definitely love live theater; it’s really where I started and was able to learn and grow as a comedian. I also love acting in films, so it’s tough to pick. I’m going to say theatre for today, but ask me again any other day and I might have a different answer.

Interviewer: Tell us something about your recent projects?

Maya Danzig: One of the films that I recently worked on is called The Last White Man, directed by Mark Mazzeo. It’s a dark satire/thriller with a focus on race, identity, and social politics in modern-day America. As a comedian, it was a lot of fun getting to act in a dramatic role, and I am really excited for people to see the film.

I also have a web series with the production company New Media Comedy, and you can check it out on their Instagram account @NewMediaComedy. I’ve been working on some other projects with them as well that I’m really excited about! They work with tons of improvisers, so I get to do improv when we’re filming – which is my favorite thing.

Interviewer: How do you manage your studies with frequent trips for work?

Maya Danzig: Sophomore and Junior year it was a lot easier because I was in some sketch shows in New York, but they all rehearsed on weekends. I would usually get up early on Saturday mornings to take the bus to New York, and go straight to rehearsal. Then I would just have to scramble during the week to get my work done! Working in films senior year has kept me really busy, but knowing that I’m going to be finished with school soon is a good motivator.

Interviewer: Do you have a dream project? And what kind of roles do you want to do in the future?

Maya Danzig: Just like every other college student who does improv, Saturday Night Live is my dream job. Honestly, any job where I get to act and write comedy is my dream job.

In terms of roles, I love playing quirky characters. I think the more out there the character is, the more fun it can be to play.

More information about Maya Danzig can be found on her official website or on her Instagram @mayadanz

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