Marshall Goldman, Mecca for the Motor Head

For most kids, visiting Disney World is the equivalent of discovering heaven on Earth, it’s the place, “Where Dreams Come True,” after all. The atmosphere surrounding the Magic Kingdom draws kids, both young and old, like moths to lamps. For automotive enthusiast “moths” however, Marshall Goldman Motor Sales is effectively a lighthouse.

Marshall Goldman Motor Sales is a foster home to over 250 exotic and collectible cars. Over the past 41 years, Marshall Goldman, his son Harlan, and the talented sales staff have built an empire that dominates the exotic, luxury, and collector car realms. Seriously, being here provides a serious dosage of sensory overload. The instant you walk through the door, you are bathed in a sea of automotive candy. Three buildings, multiple rooms, and cars packed so tightly a sheet of paper must suck in its beltline; yes, this is heaven.

Marshall Goldman Motor Sales opened its doors in 1978 situated just blocks away from its current location on Miles Road in Warrensville Heights. After years in the retail business and a short stint as a fireman, Marshall Goldman (the man) decided to fulfill his lifelong passion for high-end cars by purchasing and selling a single car and growing the business through his skills as a retailer. Cars have always been a thing for the Goldman family, and son Harlan followed suit joining the family business. As a result, Marshall Goldman Motor Sales has grown from a humble, single car dealership to the largest retailer of preowned exotics in the United States. Nothing here is on consignment. As you pass through, you are basically scything through a multi-million-dollar museum where all of the exhibits are for sale.

Keen investors who visit the dealership note exactly what is on the floor. Much like when Warren Buffet sneezes, investors take careful notice of exactly what sort of cars are coming into the inventory at Marshall Goldman. For instance, just before the BMW Z8 market exploded, 8 Z8s of varying trim (both standard and Alpina variants) appeared in the showroom. Just a couple of months later, the entire market had risen to record heights for what is admittedly a very collectible BMW. The brain trust at Marshall Goldman always has its eye on the horizon for the next big thing, and the wise always take notice.

While the main attractions are the über expensive Supercar Row in the front window, there is something for every automotive proclivity. Muscle cars, daily drivers, luxury cars; the rainbow of automotive flavors is diverse and very well curated. Currently, there are 41 cars at or below the $60k price point ( such as an Alfa Romeo 4C, a 1968 Camaro SS, and even a 2017 Range Rover Evoque Convertible. That’s quite an eclectic group of cars for less than a price of a base Audi A6.

Although Marshall Goldman has some cars at more affordable price points than you might expect, they specialize in finding the absolute best examples of the best cars ever made. A Porsche Carrera GT here, a one-off Ferrari 599 SA Aperta there, LeBron James’ Rolls Royce Ghost casually tucked in the corner; these are the types of cars that frequent the premises. Frankly, it is easy to be overwhelmed seeing it all at once. Fear not though, you can head to their website (hyperlink to site here – to take in all the inventory, one savory piece at a time.

Cleveland is not an exotic travel destination for most people. However, for every exotic car lover, this place is a must stop location on your travel list. Indulge your inner child, bring your checkbook, and pack your bags to visit the dealership where dreams really do come true.

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