The Killers Pest Control Provides Ant Removal Services in Portland, OR With a One-Year Guarantee

The Killers Pest Control Provides Ant Removal Services in Portland, OR With a One-Year Guarantee

Portland, OR – The Killers Pest Control, a leading pest management company in Portland, OR is providing a comprehensive ant-removal service with a one-year guarantee. They are also offering an additional six month and one year follow up treatment to ensure that they have completely eliminated and destroyed ant colonies from the home.

The Killers Pest Control has built a national brand for providing the best solutions to deal with a variety of pests. Their decades of pest control and management have provided them with the experience to know how to confront any pest infestation problem of clients. They use environmentally friendly and safe products that do not affect the lives of the residents during the pest control treatment.

Ants are one of the most challenging pests to deal with. They usually start breeding in the springtime when their winged productive male and female begin to fly and mate. Then, the newly fertilized female who is the queen looks for a warm place in the home to hatch eggs and start new colonies.

Once the eggs hatch, the workers search for food to take care of the queen. Over time, the ants begin to break up and begin to form new colonies. This is a gradual process that takes place without the knowledge of the homeowners. Eventually, the entire home will become infested with ants.

The first thing the team at The Killers Pest Control begin within the ant removal process is identifying the type of ant that has infected the home. The ant colonies are found at essential locations such as leaky pipes in the bathroom, tree stumps and railroad ties, segments of the kitchen and the roof. Their team uses their expertise along with their professional techniques to remove all of the ants hiding in the home.

Once they know the type of ant that has infested the home, the technicians at The Killers Pest Control uses a tailored product to get rid of them. Each treatment is different based on the type of ant and their specific location. The following are some of the treatment options provided by The Killers Pest Control:

• Injecting the exterior wall voids

• Spraying the foundation and perimeter

• Spraying the baseboards

• Treating the attic and the crawlspace

The Killers Pest Control is located at 9498 SW Barbur Blvd #312, Portland, OR 97219. For inquiries regarding their Ant Removal in Portland, contact their team via phone at (503) 777-3141. Visit their website for additional information regarding their services.

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