The Vegas Story: Stars Share Their Experience Going Beyond The Strip

March 22, 2019 – A visit to Las Vegas has many sides to its coin, definitely more than two sides. Off The Strip captures peoples’ experience, their love for Vegas and what they love to do best while in the awesome city called Vegas. With people sharing incredible off the Strip stories, Las Vegas definitely has all-round excitement for those on the Strip and the explorers off the Strip.

I got super intoxicated, and I climbed one of the statues and just started screaming at everybody. I almost got arrested” VIP host at Wynn, Brent Marks shares his most hilarious experience in Las Vegas. Other funny Vegas stories shared include a $75 holiday trip enjoyed by Canadian actress, Rachel Alice Marie Skarsten while she was just 23.

When asked about his best business in Las Vegas, Dean George (Clark Kent/Superman) says, “I can’t even think of a company that is my favorite company. I love staying at Wynn. Wynn, anything with Wynn in it, W-Y-N-N, I dig those boys there. Steve Wynn and those guys have done a great job as far as customers go, the customer is always right.”

Speaking about his favorite restaurant in Vegas, Luis Robles , New York Red Bulls soccer star, describes his experience at a little steakhouse in Venetian has one of the culinary experience has ever had. Las Vegas has a story for every visitor. From the Casinos to the sprawling restaurants, and the Helicopter rides capturing the nature view of the city, there is always a story to tell visiting Las Vegas.

The Vegas Story section of interviews actors, singers, and other celebrities, trying to capture their overall experience in Las Vegas. They share their experience on the strip, their favorite restaurant, favorite Vegas business and a funny story they had like to share. For others, their funny Vegas story stays in Vegas.

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