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Relocation is a terrible and painful time for absolutely everyone involved in the situation. It can be hard to navigate through and to cover all the bases required legally. So many different things need to be taken into consideration when going through the gruelling process. Luckily, there are law firms out there who deal with the relocation of a newly single parent and their child. Firms such as the Cindy D. Sackrin firm.

How they can help you and your case:

There are no words to accurately describe the painful ordeal of relocation and divorce, but the Law Offices of Cindy D. Sackrin is fully equipped to help navigate the murky waters. Relocation cases have many different aspects to consider, aspects that you will not have to consider alone.

Within the state of Florida, it is legally required for a separating couple of parents to go through the court system when there is a huge upheaval with the child and the case. Any and all developments need to be reported and an agreement must be reached by all parties involved. This includes relocation or the moving of the parent who has custody of the child. An evaluation will be made for the case and whatever is deemed best for the child will be the course of action taken out by the courts. This is where Cindy D. Sackrin, family Board certified attorney can offer assistance.

She can help to figure out what is the best move for all involved, but most importantly, what is best for the child. This means that any and all clients will also have access to legal guidance regarding parental rights and to help dissect all of the legal jargon. Cindy D Sackrin is fully qualified to help her clients through the difficult situation and confusing negotiations. This means that she can apply her experience and ensure that the strategic plan developed will be suitable for the case at hand.

One of the first steps you will be taken through is understanding relocation. In Florida, relocation counts if the child is moved fifty miles away from their current residence for more than sixty days. However, a holiday break or anything regarding medical or educational purposes is not considered relocation. This is something that the law firm will take you through to ensure that you understand what you are entitled to and what falls under the restrictions set by the courts. This means they will be there to help you understand your next steps.

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