Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Market Research Forecast up to 2025 Scrutinized in New Research| Hexa Research

Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Market Research Forecast up to 2025 Scrutinized in New Research| Hexa Research

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Research Report on Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Market Size, Market Share, Market Trends, Growth, Competitive Strategies, Research and Forecasts, 2019 To 2025

25 March 2019, The global acute respiratory distress syndrome market is anticipated to witness significant growth owing to rising cases of chronic diseases across the globe. ARDS is a life-threating lung condition, wherein fluid gets accumulated in tiny elastic air sacs and creates obstruction for the lungs to inhale air while breathing. Thereby, oxygen is not adequately delivered to the body organs, which can impact their proper functioning and further lead to major health problems. ARDS can occur in people who are already ill or suffering from substantial injuries. Breathlessness is considered to be one of the major symptoms of the disease. Others symptoms can include unusual fast breathing, extreme tiredness or confusion, and low blood pressure.

Rising air pollution due to increasing number of vehicles emitting harmful gases can lead to respiratory problems. People inhale these gases while breathing, which can give rise to various health issues, thereby positively influencing market growth in the coming years. Rising cases of severe pneumonia, which affects all five lobes of the lungs, can lead to ARDS. In addition, increasing road accidents causing severe injuries to lungs or head can impact breathing. Such situations can extend to the particular disease in most cases, which can further impel market expansion. Moreover, inflammation of pancreas, coupled with massive blood transfusions, can lead to advanced respiratory problems.

Most patients with ARDS recover within few months or years. However, others face breathing problems for life, which can hamper market growth in the coming years. Issues associated with memory loss and depression can also obstruct market growth. Increasing R&D investments by pharmaceutical companies to develop effective treatment for ARDS can create lucrative opportunities for the market.

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 The market can be segmented on the basis of injury type, severity, and treatment stage. Based on injury, the market can be bifurcated into brain injury and lung injury. Based on severity, the market can be categorized into mild, moderate, and sever ARDS. In terms of treatment stage, the market can be classified into fibro proliferate, exudative stage, and resolution and recovery stage.

The market in North America is likely to expand in the coming years owing to rising cases of ARDS. Most of these cases are at moderate or severe level and a small percentage of patients are reported with mild ARDS. People who are already hospitalized due to some health complication or trauma are likely to suffer from the disease. Increasing R&D activities by local companies and education institutes to develop advanced and effective treatment methods for ARDS can augment regional market growth. For instance, Athersys announced the results of its study pertaining to administration of MultiStem cell therapy for the treatment of patients with acute ARDS. The study provides a verification of favorable safety profile and tolerability associated with the new treatment. In addition, the treatment reduces the mortality rate and provides intensive care unit (ICU) free and ventilator free days to patients.

Asia Pacific is expected to witness substantial growth in the years to come due to increasing road accidents and air pollution. Growing population in developing countries, such as India, China, and Japan, is expected to increase demand for vehicles. Increasing vehicles are contributing to emission of harmful gases, such as carbon dioxide (CO2). People inhale these harmful gases and face breathing problems, which can lead to acute respiratory problems, such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and ARDS. This, in turn, can impel regional market growth in the coming years. In addition, increasing efforts by pharmaceutical companies to develop advanced medical devices and treatment methods that can support patients with respiratory problems can drive the regional market.

Europe is projected to emerge as one of the promising regions in the coming years owing to high prevalence of ARDS patients. Around 60 in 100,000 people annually suffer from the disease in Western Europe, whereas around 70 in 100,000 people are diagnosed with it in Eastern Europe.

Some of the leading companies operating in the acute respiratory distress syndrome market are Faron Pharmaceuticals, GlaxoSmithKline, Altor Bioscience, Mondobiotech, and Athersys.

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