Get Ready To Discover about How to Facial Slimming


Fat or round cheeks may make the face appear older and heavy despite having a healthy’ body weight. The age and gravity have proved to loosen and stretch the chin and cheek muscles, leading to the jowls on the neck and jaw. And therefore, with the progress of the health and sports` has so far made, face slimming has been achieved. Facial muscles will be exercised and targeted for slimming and toning. 

A good number of treatments are being offered in order to achieve a more slim’ and oval face. There are great surgical options that have been availed for example the V’-line maxillofacial’ surgery. This process is geared towards re-shaping’ the face from U’-shape into a V’-shape by use of surgical methods. Therefore, here are some exercises that are aimed at assuring a slim face.

Definition of Cheekbones

Lift and Slim cheeks will be focusing on hiding the jowls and defining the exercise for the cheekbone. One will, therefore, be expected to stand or sit in an upright position and put fingers on the cheekbone and lift the skin over the bone. One must feel some kind of resistance on the cheeks muscles. This helps to slim and tone the face.

Slimming The Lower

This will be expected to reduce the fat around the chin and mouth. These muscles will be toned by using fingers to making the corners of the mouth frown. As you keep holding onto the position, build some muscle resistance and bring the mouth down with a smile at the same time ensuring the lips are much closed. Count up to five before relaxation and repeat the process.

For individuals considering to do Facial slimming from the health centers, they should expect to take at least 6′ weeks to 2′ months before they experience atrophy as a result of the masseter’ muscle set meaning that the cosmetic effect’ may take longer before the actual face slimming takes place.

The Procedure

Many patients will experience less discomfort, although it will vary from one individual to another. It should take a very short period for the successful completion of the procedure. We look forward to vibrating instruments which reduces discomfort associated’ with the facial slimming procedure.

Of course, we cannot dismiss the occurrence of risks. Facial slimming is associated with the risk of drooping and asymmetry, although, not very common. The smile’ could also be narrowed, but this does not happen regularly with jawline reduction. Bruising can also, take place with an approximation of 25%, this can be managed and goes down ’very quickly’.

After facial treatment, it is very common that some people will want to know whether you had lost’ some weight. The reason is that the face’ will appear slimmer’ and the jaw muscles will shrink in order to give a slimmer’ appearance.


Therefore, if you have been considering’ to undergo a facial procedure, you should go for a highly experienced specialist from a respected skin clinic or cosmetic, in order to lower the chances of the risks that come with facial slimming although they are no so common. Some of them include narrowing or dropping’ of the smile’.

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