REBGLO – Enhancing Crypto-Mining Via Energy Circulation

REBGLO - Enhancing Crypto-Mining Via Energy Circulation

Crypto-currency miners authenticate and secure blockchain trading process and in return gain monetary compensation in the form of cryptocurrency. The profitability of cryptocurrency mining can be further augmented if the following factors are addressed effectively:-

  • Internal Factor – The loss of valuable data during the cryptocurrency mining process. Ineffective data reading and reconstruction results in loss of hash rates.
  • External Factor – The superfluous consumption of electricity that significantly affects mining efficiency.

The REBGLO Mining System is working towards extending effective solutions in order to revolutionize cryptocurrency morning and make it a more profitable phenomenon. It offers both software and hardware solution, namely Data Transmission System and HETTARER to accomplish its objectives.

Data Transmission System (DTS) – Optimizing the Performance

Data Transmission System is dedicated build to solve the impediments associated with the scalability of crypto-mining and reduce power consumption of the entire process. According to the recent tests, this software increases mining by 17.2% in hash/s. Moreover, using the normal process, miners have to read out and reconstruct data that is recorded in numerous unoccupied spaces on the disc takes time. DTS processing allows arranging data optimized at C4 in the memory cache within the M-Cell, making the process of data reading and reconstruction easier and faster.

 DTS system in virtual cryptocurrency mining can help:-

  • Improve Computing Performance

By gathering relevant data for processing on the main memory, and combining it with instruction parallelization in the crypto-mining process, it significantly improves the operation performance.

  • Boost Mining Speed and Revenue

DTS system allows miners to obtain mining income at higher levels as compared to the combinations involving conventional mining software and mining computers.

HETTARER Technology

HETTARER is an electromagnetic sticker that efficiently collects the elementary particles into a constitution state. Consecutively, these particles form a guarding layer that resists the electromagnetic noise. HETTARER stickers have an average lifespan of 90 days and available for smartphones and other battery-operated gadgets.

It was first devised in Japan and uses conductive paper that arranges charged particles from electric currents emitting naturally from the device and air. The heat generated from the device’s battery gets these particles boosted, thereby reducing the charging time and extending the battery life.

HETTARER Stickers Assisting Crypto-Mining

Along with enhancing the battery performance, this hack also lowers the high frequency of electric devices by around 90%. It has the capability of augmenting the process of crypto-mining when it is applied to crypto-mining rigs. According to the tests, HETTARER sticker boosts the data mining speed as well as results to a great extent. The test revealed a 133% increase in Moero data mining within a period of 24-hours and a 114% increase in Monero mining rewards in a 48-hours by multicurrency mining pool MinerGate.

REBGLO L2 (REBGLO Mining Optimization Level 2)

REBGLO L2 is the upcoming phase of development for the Mining Boost Engine that is build to deliver unconventional mining ware optimization. Its structure is built to optimize Instruction Level Parallelism  (ILP) and Thread-Level Parallelisms (TLP). The engine also emphasizes reducing the cache memory miss penalty via cache memory algorithms formulating computation performance effectiveness system configuration. The company also plans to enter the area of ‘Electric Power Business’ and ‘Energy Business’ in the coming years and develop their own electric power company.

REBGLO – Transforming the Crypto Mining Landscape

REBGLO is a digital currency project that is reinforced by the concept of ‘Reboot Globalization’ and ‘Reproduction and Globalization’. The project works with the primary objective of eliminating the inefficiencies of the crypto-mining process, thereby bringing a revolution in its present course of action. It extends solutions including DTS system and HETTARER technology, to solve the inadequacies and extend an energy-efficient and rewarding crypto-mining process.

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