The Whalet Tea: First Show on Advertising Screen in Times Square

Recently, The Whalet Tea has made its first public appearance in New York’s Times Square, drawing much attention in the U.S.. Many passers-by, especially Chinese, took pictures on the scene and posted them on Instagram. As far as we know, The Whalet Tea, a brand of tea drinks from Nanjing, China, is extremely hot in China. We found a vast stream of information about it on Weibo, Red, Tik Tok, and other Chinese social media. The Whalet Tea has attracted the attention of many young people in China with its Wuliangye ice cream. Huang Kening, its founder, created this ice cream by adding the famous Chinese liquor Wuliangye into ice cream, giving it unique texture and taste, which is especially popular among the young. People have to wait in line for two hours to get their hands on it. 1000 pieces of ice cream were sold in one day at its peak.

The Whalet Tea’s souffléis also widely loved by young people. Soufflé is a kind of French food originally,yet the founder of The Whalet Tea improved it with Chinese popular food lobster and crab, initiating a brand-new flavor. It’s undeniable that Chinese people have always been enthusiastic about eating; they can always create a variety of delicacy with their limitless imagination.

It is said that the appearance of The Whalet Tea in Times Square is preparation of its market expansion in Hong Kong and overseas. So far, The Whalet Tea has successfully selected sites in Hong Kong, Japan, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Stores in these places are being decorated and are expected to open gradually in June. Meanwhile, stores in America are also in the plan, yet the specific site hasn’t been settled by now. We are looking forward to its coming.

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