Did Turkish President Erdogan Use These Tactics To Consolidate His Power?

“Ottoman Art of War” Is The New Competitor To Sun Tzu’s Classic, “Art of War”. It’s About The Genuine Islamic State And The Caliphs Who Built The Ottoman Empire, Which Was The Real Game of Thrones

Inspired by Wess Roberts’ bestselling classic “Victory Secrets of Attila The Hun”, “Ottoman Art of War” is actually a business and self-help book intended to give you practical advice on confronting 21st century problems. It’s about tactics and strategy that helped build the Ottoman Empire, which ruled over parts of Europe, Middle East, and North Africa for over 500 years.

This real Islamic State was actually known for its religious tolerance. Ottoman Empire attracted people who fled Europe’s religious and ethnic wars that lasted for centuries. Very much like the United States and Canada of today, Ottomans created history’s first multiethnic Eurasian nation. Its military tactics and conquests changed the face of warfare in Europe, ending what is known as the Medieval Age. It is without dispute that the collapse and partition of the Ottoman Empire at the end of World War I shaped the present Middle East and is at the root of most recent and contemporary conflicts in the region, which have global significance.

For enthusiasts of Middle Eastern history the book, published through Amazon Kindle, is early Ottoman history in a nutshell. It has been authored by Steffan Ileman, an entrepreneur and consultant on Turkish Affairs. He is the President of Turkish Canadian Chamber of Commerce based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The main difference between this book and Wess Roberts’ Attila The Hun is the fact that Roberts used Attila and the Huns as a metaphor whereas Ileman based his work on actual historical facts. The book is full of strong symbolism intended to adapt historical events to the challenges we face every day. In fact, one of the chapters is devoted to the importance of symbols on the human psyche. In one of the chapters the author recounts how the Ottoman Sultan moved his boats over the mountain to circumvent the famous Byzantine Chain during the siege of Constantinople. His advice to the reader: whenever you encounter an insurmountable obstacle, think outside the box to find another way to move your boats over the mountain.

The author presents “Janissaries”, the famous elite infantry troops of the Ottoman Army as an extraordinary feat of transformative education, which may become a controversial subject. The author believes personal transformation to be the key to effective education. Similar in some ways to the unsullied troops in Game of Thrones, Janissaries were recruited strictly from Christian children in occupied territories.

The author believes that Turkish President Erdogan has used many of the tactics listed in his book, consciously or unconsciously, to consolidate his seemingly absolute power that is reminiscent of Ottoman rulers. Mr. Erdogan has stated publicly his intention to revive the Ottoman Empire. Is he a good student of Ottoman history? Judge for yourself. Ottoman Empire is the real Game of Thrones.

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