AfrikRising has declared its mission for the people of Africa

AfrikRising has declared its mission for the people of Africa
“A newly incorporated Nonprofit Organization from New Mexico called AfrikRising has championed the undying dedication in terms of providing all the essential necessities for the people of Africa as a way to bring about holistic development and improvement for societies, which have to live well below the poverty line.”

New Mexico, USA – AfrikRising, a newly established non-profit organization, has set its sights upon alleviating the conditions for the people living throughout the continent of Africa, facilitating essential necessities, services and education to all those who are in actual need.

This organization was officially incorporated on 18th February of this year, but has been decidedly active in actually going about its business- recruiting volunteers, and setting up strategies and plans to execute their primary mission or goal. Focusing upon people of Africa is essential for the founders of AfrikRising as they truly believe that performing such activities is the key despite the monumental obstacles that present themselves on a general basis. Basic necessities and education are the two main aspects of provision that should be ensured for all human beings on Earth, but still there are millions who do not receive anything as such.

That is why AfrikRising has decided to provide all kinds of essential support in resources, as well as value and care for the entire population of Africa as a whole. The volunteers are not just motivated in abstract terms, they are passionate with regards to the people living in Africa, and continuing to suffer from immense hardships and exploitation. The CEO of AfrikRising, Christine Reidhead, had this to say about the continent and the foundation of the organization: “Ever since I was five years old I’ve had this dream of helping the people in Africa. I am passionate about serving others. I want to be a part of making this world a better place, improving children’s lives and providing them with an opportunity of a better future. This nonprofit organization provides us the platform to accomplish great things. I’m excited to guide AfrikRising to amazing heights and really make a difference in this world.”

The passion, sentiment and the drive for altruism would transform by forming partnerships with many local social institutions like schools, orphanages and even families. Societies on end are living below the poverty line, and it is certainly the time to bring about a great change to this end. Like Reidhead said, “I’m really excited to get this Nonprofit Organization up and running! I really think we can do some good things in this world.” A simple message like that can go on to create a whole lot of difference.


AfrikRising is a recently established nonprofit organization that decidedly would act upon improving the state of conditions for the people of Africa by providing basic necessities and provisions that are essential for life. Their volunteers work especially hard in ensuring that all would get essential facilities through forming partnerships, and creating a network of goodwill that will be spread throughout the entirety of the continent.

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