Get Access to Perfect Shade of Blonde, or the Long, Full, Beautiful Hair

Whether you’re looking for the perfect shade of blonde, or the long, full, beautiful hair you’ve always dreamed of, look no further! This little shop, located in the heart of Hudson, Ohio is just the place you’ve been searching for. Jennifer Stanley Hair, located inside Salon Lofts, offers a small, intimate salon experience with a focus on high-end glam blondes and Natural Beaded Rows™ hand-tied extensions.

Owner, Jennifer Stanley, is a certified Natural Beaded Rows™ extension artist and Redken Certified Haircolorist. Jennifer has been working with different types of extensions for more than half her career, and is committed to helping women achieve their long-term hair goals while maintaining the hair’s optimum health. Always seeking the highest quality methods and products for her clients, Jennifer introduced the cutting-edge Natural Beaded Rows™ hair extensions system into her repertoire, and even wears them herself.


Natural Beaded Rows™ is a method of hand-tied extensions created by company owner/artist Danielle K. White. Jennifer flew out to Laguna Beach, California for intensive training to be certified in this exclusive method of extensions, and is one of approximately 10 certified artists offering NBR™ in Ohio. They are the most seamless, lightweight, and natural looking extensions, without the damage caused by traditional methods. Every weft of hair is custom colored by Jennifer for her clients, ensuring a perfect blend with your own hair. NBR™ is applied to the hair using a bead and string track, and then hand-tied wefts are sewn into place. With less points of contact to the head, there are minimal opportunities for damage to occur—in fact, most of the hair is left free, which offers maximum comfort and allows the hair to stay healthy.  On average, most clients will wear 1.5-2 rows of NBR™ extensions.

So what exactly does this exclusive experience look like? For new clients, you can expect an investment of approximately $1,000-$1,800. This opening package includes the highest-quality Bohyme® Luxe hair, custom coloring of your hair and the extensions, installation, haircut to blend, and your aftercare products. You will need to fill out your application, located online at, and attach your current head-shot photos and inspiration photos. After submitting the application, you will receive a phone call from Jennifer, during which you will consult with her to determine if you are a candidate for NBR™. If you are, in order to reserve your appointment time, you will pay a non-refundable deposit that will be applied toward your total service cost.

On the day of your appointment, you will arrive at loft 10 and be greeted by Jennifer and confirm your hair goals. To begin your transformation, she will snap “before” photos and the coloring process will begin. Jennifer will mimic the color applied to your hair on the extensions, and then will create the tracks and your custom colored hair will be installed. After installation Jennifer will expertly shape your extensions and blend the layers into your natural hair. She will also style your hair in her signature beach waves for that effortlessly trendy, salty-tress look, and snap your “after” photos. You will be sent home with a care package including the Brazilian Bondbuilder™ Extension Repair System, which will help extend the life of your hair up to 2 extra months. For returning clients, you can expect maintenance every 6-8 weeks, at an average of $300-$500.

Who is a good candidate for NBR™? According to Jennifer, your hair should be approximately shoulder length, with the shortest layers covering the round of your head. “Those with shorter hair should wait a few months before applying. If your hair is too short, the extensions won’t blend well, and the goal is for them to look natural.” Extensions are also beneficial for anyone who wants low-maintenance hair. “It’s high-maintenance to be low-maintenance,” Jennifer says. Since the extensions hold their curl well, she is often able to simply wake up in the morning, brush, and go, without having to restyle her hair each day. You will also be able to shampoo less, giving you your mornings back to spend time as you please. “Sundays are my ‘wash days’,” she says, “and I love being able to sleep in during the week instead of spending a half hour styling my hair.”

Over the course of about 5 hours, Jennifer will transform your hair into the long, beautiful hair you’ve always dreamed of. She is dedicated to making sure that her clients are comfortable and have an extraordinary experience while they are in her chair. The smile on her face shows how passionate she is about helping women achieve their hair goals. Jennifer has spent countless hours refining her NBR™ technique, and you won’t find a more talented extension artist in the Hudson area! If you’re ready for the hair of your dreams, begin your experience here. (link to

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